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Rip Hunter & The Time Masters:
Summaries & Annotations

Booster Gold #6 (July 1986)
To Cross The Rubicon
Dan Jurgans and Mike DeCarlo
6.17.3-6.19.6 - Skeet's relays to Superman Booster's story. "...until one night, he could take it no longer. We were walking past a time machine, and Booster seemed even more intense than usual..." [A plaque beside a large spherical object reads, ‘Rip Hunter's Time Machine'.]
Booster decides to go back in time with Rip Hunter's Time Machine and be come a super-hero. He deactivates Skeets and takes all the items from the museum that he needs, and boards the Time Sphere. "It was simply a matter of his learning to operate Hunter's Time Machine... ...selecting his destination and taking off. Michael ‘Booster' Carter had crossed the Rubicon. There was no turning back!"

Booster Gold #8 (September 1986)
Time Bridge: Chapter I
Dan Jurgans and Mike DeCarlo
8.1.1-8.3.7 - In 2986 A.D., Brainiac 5, Ultra Boy, and Chameleon Boy have been called to the Chronarch to see a new discovery. The scientist explains that, "This large globular object was unearthed this morning by a K-K-K- Construction crew in Metropolis, Brainiac Five. Dr. Manning and I have determined it to be a Time Machine–and one shrouded in mystery, at that."
Ultra Boy says, "Looks kind of old and busted up–what's the story?"
Dr. Manning, "That, Ultra Boy, is the mystery we wish you three to solve. According to historical data, in the mid-twentieth century this machine belonged to one Rip Hunter, the so-called Time Master. After his death, it became a government-protected secret, until the twenty-fifth century, when it was put on display in the Space Museum. In 2462, however, the time machine was stolen by a museum security guard named Michael Carter [* as recounted in BG#6] Nobody's ever discovered where Carter went... until now."
Chameleon Boy, "This is all very intriguing, but why call in the Legion of Super-Heroes?"
Scientist, "Because of what we found inside the sphere K-K-K- Chameleon Boy!"
The three Legionnaires are shocked to see Brainy's Force-Shield Belt in pieces.
Brainy theorizes, "Hmm... obviously the Time Machine was taken into our future, where this Carter somehow stole my belt from me. Afterwards, the thief returned to his own time."
Ultra Boy, "Sure, that must be it."
Chameleon Boy, "You look skeptical, Dr. Manning."
Dr. Manning, "Indeed I am, Chameleon Boy. The time machine's chronometer reveals that it made only one journey–from 2462 to 1985, where it was left inoperative for a thousand years! In addition, Brainiac's belt was one of the objects stolen with the time machine in 2462! Somehow, someway, Brainiac's belt has existed in the past!"
Brainy, "Incredible! It seems, gentlemen, that we're entangled in quite a riddle here, and there's but one solution! Clearly, we must go back in time... to the year 1985, and find this Michael Carter!"
8.4.1-8.5.1 - The craft appears in the outskirts of Metropolis on August 20, 1985.
Booster yells, "Controls are frozen, Skeets! I can't hold her up much longer."
Skeets, "That severe Time Storm we traveled through has depleted our batteres, Booster!"
The craft crashes in a wooded area and Booster and Skeets exit to survey the area and decide to burry the Time Sphere.

Who's Who #21 - Space Museum

The History of the DC Universe Book 2
Wolfman & Perez
2.43.3 - Time Sphere appears in Booster Gold entry.

Booster Gold #13 (February 1987) BG#13
The Tomorrow Run
Writer/Penciller - Dan Jurgens ~~~ Inker - Gary Martin
Letterer - Gene Lappan ~~~ Colorist - Gene D'Angelo
Editor - Barbara Randall
13.1.1-13.3.8 - Davis confronts Jack and Trixie about Booster Gold's illness in the hopes that they can brainstorm a solution. Trixie reveals that Booster is from the future and Jack finds it remarkable that time travel is possible and he knows that "since it involves time travel... ...I think I know just the man to call..."
13.13.1-13.15.7 - After a daring hijacking of Booster's grounded plane, the crew heads to upstate New York. In the meantime, Booster clears the air and relay's his story of how he went from a jock, to a Space Museum worker. There he found "one of Earth's first Time Machines," and stole it to make a better life for himself in the past.
13.16.1 - ‘Several hours later, as the golden hues of dawn paint the skies, the plane lands at a mountaintop retreat in upstate New York."
13.16.2 - Booster, "You guys have gotten kind of quite. Shattered illusions, perhaps?"
Trixie, "I guess it's hard to realize that our heroes are real people with faults just like the rest of us, Booster. Sometimes, super-heroes seem like... well... ...gods, really."
Jack steps up to the door and rings the buzzer.
13.16.3 - A voice replies, "Yes?"
Jack, "Dr. Hunter? It's me, Jack Soo of S.T.A.R. Labs! We spoke yesterday on the phone!"
13.16.4 - The voice replies, "Of course, Jack! Come on in!" And the door zips open.
13.16.5-13.16.6 - On the inside Dr. Hunter, dressed in a white t-shirt and blue jeans with a screw driver in his hand, greets the group as they enter. "You folks have gotten quite famous in the last few hours! Every government agency that exists is looking for you! I'm tempted ot turn you in myself, but Jack seems to think we can be of assistance to each other, Gold."
13.16.7 - Jack, "Allow me to introduce Ripley Hunter, an old classmate of mine and the youngest person ever to write a doctorate at MIT! In addition, and more importantly, he's the world's foremost expert on Time Travel Theory!"
Dr. Hunter replies, "The handle's Rip, people. And form what Jack told me yesterday, time travel is no longer theory but fact in your case, Booster!"
13.17.1 - Booster, "True enough, Rip. In fact, there's a beat-up, burnt and blown-out time machine buries somewhere outside Metropolis right now!"
Rip, "Interesting I've always feared a voyage through time might be analogous to dropping a water balloon off the Empire State Building -- with the same prospect of survival! Despite that, I've developed a functioning time machine of my own -- or at least I think it works! There is, of course, only one real way to test it... ...and that's by using it myself! But if something goes wrong, or I've made a minor miscalculation--"
13.17.2 - Trixie thinks, "Super-heroes, trips to the future... this is one little Kansas native who must be dreaming!"
Booster, "–You're trapped! Well, I survived the trip even thought he ship didn't. But I've always blamed that on the Time Storm we were snarled in!"
Rip, "Really? I've often wondered about such storms' existence and their possible effect on travellers! My Time Sphere operates on a faster-than-light tachyon tracing process, traveling so fast that it actually skips ahead in time! Here, let me show it to you!"
13.17.3-13.17.4 - Rip leads the group into his lab where a large spherical machine rests in the midst of large computers. Booster is wide-eyed, "Hey, will you look at that! Your jazzy Time Sphere really does work, Hunter... ...because I've already used it or at least one just like it!"
Rip, "You came here in that machine?"
Booster, "I'll update you later! Let's compare notes about possible differences first and then we can get this puppy of yours on line!"
Trixie, "Booster, does this mean that will be able to cure you–that everything will be all right?"
Booster, "Everything is going to be positively Boosterrific once we hit the 25th Century!"
13.18.1 - ‘Hours later, after notes are compared and safety tests are run. The Time Sphere is ready to go. Booster, in an attempt to make the two control boards match, has pointed out discrepancies, inspiring Rip and Jack to make minor changes. And soon, four courageous and excited travellers are ready to make the journey of a lifetime.'
13.18.2 - Booster, "Dirk, I realize you want to go along, but you've got to stay here and take care of business! With Reilleau Towers destroyed, we'll need a new base of operations! [* Shockwave did it in BG#11]"
Trixie urges to Booster from the Time Sphere entrance, "Let's move it, Booster–time's a-wasting."
Dirk, "Not to mention the fact that I'll have to cool the law–but don't sweat it, Kid! I've got loads of solutions for both!"
13.18.3 - ‘Powerful battery-driven engines hum to life... ...the air crackles with energy... ...and a brazen Time Sphere slips into tomorrow...'
13.18.4-13.18.6 - Inside the Time Sphere Jack is amazed, "Far out! I can barely feel us moving!"
Booster, "This trip is much, much smoother than the one I made!"
Rip, "Fortunately, we haven't encountered a time storm as you did earlier, Gold. Besides, I've always theorized that the time stream is like a river... ...we just happened to jump in at a fortunate calm spot! By the way, Gold, that reminds me! Wasn't it rather irresponsible of you to travel into the past? After all, you could potentially alter the future. For example, who knows what a single dollar bill might do if it were left in 19th Century Washington? Furthermore, I... ...I..."
13.19.1-13.20.4 - ‘Golden spires glisten in the sunlight as the craft fulls out of the time stream.'
Booster announces as the Time Sphere soars over the skyline, "People welcome to Gotham City–2462!"
‘The occupants of the Time Sphere are witnesses to the future. A world yet to be. Thoughts and emotions fly through their minds like shooting stars in the night. For one, the excitement of success. The culmination of twenty years of work, overwhelm the moment. For two others, the sight of a future world defies speech. They can only stand transfixed at the wonderment of it all. But for Booster Gold, it is the feeling one can only have when he's been away. It's the heartfelt feeling of being home.'
13.21.1 - ‘Suddenly...'
Rip, "Booster, something's wrong! Our guidance controls are locking up and we're losing altitude fast!"
Booster, "Put it down here, Hunter. We'll hide the sphere in this alley!"
13.21.2-13.21.3 - On the outside Booster asks, "What happened, anyway?"
Rip, "I don't know! As soon as we came out of the time stream we experienced a sudden power loss! After that, the gyro controls froze!"
Booster, "Sounds similar to my own experience! You and Jack stay here and fix this puppy while Trixie and I set up our stuff at my mom's place!"
Jack, "Good idea1 And once you return we'll locate a doctor for you and energy cells for your uniform!"
Rip, "Let's just hope that we don't need any non-existent parts or tools for the job!"
13.21.4-13.21.5 - Booster and Trixie head out and Trixie asks, "Why did it take you so long to get sick, Booster? You always seemed perfectly healthy to me!"
Booster, "Near as I can tell, my force-field protected me from your time's bacteria until my energy cells ran out! After that, it was only a matter of time! That's why we took the precaution of inoculating you three before we left! After we get back to 1986 thought, we may have to be quarantined for a while! We-- Hey! There's our apartment building!"
13.22.1-13.22.8 - Once inside the apartment complex, Booster learns that his mother got real sick and died shortly after he disappeared. What's worse, is the fact that Booster is a wanted man and he has quite price on his head.

Booster Gold #14 (March 1987) BG#14
A Future Lost
Writer/Penciller/Creator - Dan Jurgens ~~~ Inker - Mike DeCarlo
Letterer - John Costanza ~~~ Colorist - Gene D'Angelo
Editor - Barbara Randall
14.4.1-14.4.7 - Rip Hunter and Jack Soo work on repairing the Time Sphere in a freezing alley in faith that they can get it to fly again. But, Rip is far less hopeful, "Hate to burst your bubble of faith, but it won't happen. Take a look at this. Our drive unit is fired to a crisp in fact, our entire guidance system looks like someone went after it with a blowtorch. The only way this machine will ever budge from this spot is on the back of a tow truck! I–what's that sound? "
14.4.8-14.4.9 - Rip goes outside to check and hears, "Sirens!? C'mon, Jack, Let's take a quick look."
Jack follows and they head down the streets of Gotham city, "But Booster told us to stay here1 What if he comes back?"
Rip replies, "He'll wait. Besides, do you really want to pass up the chance to see a 25th Century ambulance or police car?"
14.5.1-14.5.5 - Rip and Jack head down a main street lined with television prompters and people strolling by. Jack looks around saying, "Check it out! So this is the world of tomorrow! Stunning! ...Absolutely stunning!"
Rip replies, "Absolutely. But I'd expected technology to progress a bit more than this in five hundred years. Society here seems intriguingly similar to our own–in fact, I'm surprised that there even it s city called Gotham anymore, given the growth of Metropolis and New York in our own time."
Jack, "Well, let's look around and explore1 There's so much I want to see... ...a science lab, a spaceship, a hospital, a couple of history books... and a homey little corner café would be nice, too!"
Booster, "We obviously arrived around Christmas, so basic Christian beliefs are probably still prevalent. Hey, if you want to see something interesting, Jack take a look at that."
The two stop at a news prompter and learn that a police alert has been issued for the arrest of Michael Jon Carter.
14.6.1-14.11.8 - Booster and Trixie head back to the alley, but are tailed by the police who blast the Time Sphere to smithereens. The two take out the police officers and fly away. Moments later, Rip and Jack return to find the Time Sphere destroyed. They beside to head to head someplace safer to formulate a plan to get them back to the 20th Century. Meanwhile, Booster and Trixie come to terms that he doesn't know if another Time Machine exists.
14.12.1-14.14.1 - The next morning, after sleeping on a freezing park bench all night, Rip and Jack head to the Gotham University Library where they get stopped by a curious librarian. After a comment on their clothing, she points them to a study booth computer where Jack strains to figure out how to input data. He finally enters a query on ‘Time Travel' which ends with the files being restricted by the government.
Rip, "Apparently, Time travel is considered a government secret–not surprising when one considers the consequences of a time machine falling into the wrong hands! As for a biography of me–that should contain some info on the subject."
Jack, "It may also tell us who you'll marry, when you'll die... and even whether or not you'll get back to 1986! But if you're willing..."
The computer returns with the message, ‘Data Lost To Nuclear Conflict'.
‘The message takes only a second to read. The meaning takes longer to sink in. And the significance is immeasurable.'
Rip, "Nuclear conflict, huh? No wonder society isn't more advanced. They probably spent years rebuilding."
Jack, "You know, if we do get back, it's likely that we'll still be alive when the whole thing goes down! Maybe we should just pack it in and stay here!"
14.14.1-14.20.6 - At sunrise, Booster and Trixie are attacked by an Animal (a mutated humanoid used in hunting down genetic mutations that have evolved in contaminated areas of the states) and they are taken into custody by the street-wise earth police.
14.21.1-14.22.9 - Rip and Jack trade a motel clerk a wallet with old money in it and Jack's leather jacket for one day's stay in the motel, no questions asked. They find an old entertainment system with enough wires that they can use to rewire Skeets. They succeed, but when Skeets starts processing information on the television, they learn that Booster has been found guilty of stealing a time machine and he will be executed tomorrow. And things get worse as a nock is heard on their motel door.

Booster Gold #15 (April 1987) BG#15
Writer/Penciller/Creator - Dan Jurgens ~~~ Inker - Bruce D. Patterson
Letterer - Agustin Mag ~~~ Colorist - Gene D'Angelo
Editor - Barbara Randall
15.1.1-15.3.2 - The cops arrive at the hotel room and demand that they, "Open up in there! Central Monitors report unauthorized activity originating in this room! Information theft is serious stuff–you could help yourself with a little cooperation!"
Jack is shocked, "They detected us because of the computer tap! They don't seem to know who we really are!"
Rip, "Good–we still aren't connected with Booster! I'm going to duck out of sight–you try to talk our way out of this!"
Jack replies, "Thanks a lot, Rip! How come I always get to do the dirty work?"
15.3.3-15.4.4 -Jack opens the door, "Uhh... Hi, guys? What's the charge?"
Cop 1, "Attempting to access confidential files. Use of restricted code numbers..."
Cop 2, "...and those are just for starters! So step outside smart boy... ...you have some serious talking to do!"
Rip thinks, "Trouble. This isn't going at all well. Only way out of this... ...is the hard way."
Cop 1, "So what's your story? And why do you have a cannibalized security ‘bot wired into the computer?"
Jack, "Oh, you mean Skeets? He... ah... he... ah... (help.)"
Suddenly, Rip rushes out of the closet and takes down the copy closest to him as Jack tries to take down the one confronting him... but he only hurts his hand.
Rip says, "Not the physical type, are you, Soo?"
Jack replies clutching his hand, "What can I say? I'm a scientist, not a fighter!"
Rip grunts, "Fortunately for us... unf... I'm both!," as he knocks out the other cop.
15.4.5-15.4.6 - With the police taken care of, the two men consult Skeets for a plan to rescue Booster and Trixie.
15.5.1-15.6.7 - The government fed, Broderick, monitors the doctor as he cures Booster of his broken bones and disease before he escorts him back to his cell with Trixie. At the same time, a woman watches the news in her living room.
15.7.1-15.8.7 - Rip and Jack, disguised as in the police officers uniforms, rush into S.T.A.R. Labs and threaten the receptionist into letting them in. Inside, they gain access to a number of files.
Rip asks, "Anything good? Can you find us a different time machine?"
Jack replies, "A lot of history stuff so far... in fact, the name Hunter is mentioned several time. And there are also many notations about information lost due to the Nuclear Conflict."
Skeets announces, "I've accessed a file of interest. Scientist have found that one may travel through time safely only once by any known method. In other words, once you'd made the journey in a machine utilizing the Tachyon Tracing Process..."
Rip interrupta, "Like the one my Time Sphere uses... used..."
Skeets answers, "Affirmative. The human body could never stand the stress of traveling that way twice. In fact, after the time shift, the drive unit itself burns out."
Rip asks, "But, if that's true, how was it possible for Booster to travel back to the past in my machine. Then again into the future?"
Jack says, "My guess is that the machine he stole from the Time Museum is one you have yet to invent that has a different drive mechanism than your first machine. Ah... here we go! There's a Time Platform in an old warehouse in Metropolis that was once confiscated from a Reinhold Borsten. According to this, it doesn't work..."
Rip, "But maybe we can get it started! After all, scientists of today have lost a lot of knowledge that early time pioneers developed!"
Skeets, "Before we leave, gentlemen. There is one other problem that requires our attention. As long as we're here at S.T.A.R. Labs, why don't we use it to our greatest advantage?"
15.9.1-5.15.5 - Surrounded by police, Booster and Trixie are lead outside where Rip and Jack appear and blast Booster's shackles. The four then attempt to take down the police and Broderick, but ultimately fail.... that is until Booster's sister, Michelle, appears in a school bus and rescues the four captives but are tailed by the police. But, they make short work of them and head to Metropolis, minus a ship.
15.16.1-15.16.9 - Rip and Jack reconfigure the Time Platform while Michelle shows Booster a photograph of him and President Regan. This leads to an exchange between Skeets and Booster that reveals Skeets knew all along that Booster would steal the Time Machine and travel to the past.
15.17.1-15.19.5 - Broderick and Animal arrive and a battle ensues. But, when Trixie fails to convince Broderick that Booster has done good in the past, he tries to blast her. But, Animal takes out the man, but a shot is fired and it blasts a hole in the platforms wiring. Rip and Jack look at the damage to the platform and see that there is no way to bypass the broken wires. Booster tells them to "Cool it for a minute, guys," and has an exchange with his sister.
15.20.1-15.21.6 - Rip, Jack, Michelle, and Trixie file onto the platform and Booster tries to connect the wires, but is grabbed by a befriended Animal and is thrown onto the platform. Seconds drag... Animal connects the two wires and Broderick fires a shot at Animal. But, the five travelers vanish. ‘Time... ...no longer has meaning. The image of a proud man's death fades like lost time...'
The 5 appear on the side of a country road. A farmer is plowing his field.
Booster announces, "We're back! Aren't we?"
Michelle, "This is really incredible..."
Rip, "I don't know-- I set the machine to return us to my lab only seconds after we left. The power surge must have upset the controls!"
Trixie, "Oh, my goodness... How could he sacrifice himself like that?"
Booster, "Hey, Mister, where are we and what year is it?"
Farmer, "Why, you're on the Ferguson farm, of course."
Booster, "Where's that?"
Farmer, "Boone County, Iowa! ‘N' it's March, 1987! (Them city types is such morons...)"
Booster, "‘87? Close enough, I guess! What's wrong, Trix?"
Trixie stands in the road as she looks up at the clouds and sees and image of Animal, "Just wishing things could have been different, Booster... and wishing I could at least say thank you..."

Booster Gold #16 (May 1987) BG#16
Fresh Start
Word Processor - Dan Jurgens ~~~ Pencils & Erasers - His Clone
Pens & Brushes - Bob Lewis ~~~ Lettering Guides - Albert Deguizman
Sledge Hammer - Barbara Randall
16.3.1 - Jack, "Looks like the big guns have finally arrived, Rip."
Rip, "About time, too, Jack. If there's anything I hate it's sitting around wasting time."
Trixie, "Oh, quiet down, you two. They aren't that late!"
Michael, "That's telling ‘em, Trixie!"
Michelle, "Nice-looking place, Michey... But isn't it a bit roomy for you?"
16.3.2 - Trixie, "Michelle brings up a good point, Booster. This mansion is somewhat ostentatious isn't it?"
Rip, "That's what Booster Gold is all about though! The "Dynasty" of super-heroes!"
16.3.3-16.3.4 - Michael, "No, Rip, that's not true! At one point I'd decided to low key my game a bit after Trixie and Sarah Davis were kidnapped! [* By the 1000 in BG#10] When my old place was demolished by shockwave, I figure I'd end up living in some secret cave or arctic retreat! But then I realized that a super-hero shouldn't hide from the public serves! I needed to be accessible, yet secure! And the cool one here solved all my problems!"
Dirk, "Show ‘em the supes, Kid! That'll juice ‘em!"
Michael, "Good idea, Dirk! By the way, you'll notice plenty of extra rooms here! And all of you are invited to move in protection! And no... lights... camera... ...action!!"
16.4.1-16.5.8 - Michael goes over the specs of the Booster Gold Incorporated Mansion and gives and overview of his business plans.
16.6.1 - After the meeting the group relays their thoughts on the project. Trixie, "I love it! It's bold, daring, innovative... and promises to be very challenging!"
Rip, "If you need someone to do a little time travel research at BGI... I'm your man, Booster."
Jack, "You want me to run a research company? Wow! When do we start?"
Michelle, "Hard to believe you're the same little kid who only got through high school because he was a jock!"

Who's Who: Update '87 #1 - Booster Gold

Who's Who: Update '87 #5 - Rip Hunter

Booster Gold #25 (Febuary 1988) BG#25
Creator - Dan Jurgens ~~~ Inker - Robert Campanella
Letterer - Steve Haynie ~~~ Colorist - Gene D'Angelo
Editor - Barbara Randall
25.15.6-25.16.7 - In the wake of the MILLENNIUM crisis, Michael and Xiang fly to "the home of my good buddy, Rip Hunter!" Where Michael explains, "That's the story, Rip... I want to go home to the future. To the year 2480 or so!"
25.17.1 - The three stand in the living room of Rip Hunter's mountain top facility as Rip replies, "That's not the year you're actually from!"
Michael, "Hey, I've got trouble if I return to 2462! By the eighties the heat should be off!"
25.17.2 - "I wish I could help you, Booster, but it's impossible! Our recent trip proved to me that I have yet to perfect the system! I don't have a functioning machine right now!"
25.17.3 - Michael hangs his head and sighs, "Oh."
25.17.4 - He clinches his Legion flight ring, "I see."
25.17.5-25.17.8 - Xiang, "I do not understand much of this. Why is it that you want to leave this world of yours so much?"
Michael, "Things are a screwed-up mess here-that's why!"
Xiang, "I have seen that you are a proud and courageous man. I have also seen that this is a exciting, wonderful world that you have shown me. But it is also a world of strife, oppression, feat and hunger. And if you have the ability to make the world a better place, don't you have a responsibility to do so? Why don't you stay here... resolve your problems! I sense that this is where you belong!"
Michael, "No. This isn't for me."
Voice, "Don't be too sure of that, Booster!"
25.18.1-25.19.8 - The JLI confront Michael inside Rip Hunter's living room and the rest is history.

Secret Origins #35 (Febuary 1989)
The Secret Origin of Booster Gold
Giffen, Fleming, and Barreto
35.12.4-35.16.3 - Rip Hunter's Time Sphere is shown as Booster Gold recalls his origin to Blue Beetle.

Secret Origins #43 (August 1989) Secret Origins #43
Adventures Inside Earth
Writer- Bob Wayne ~~~ Artist- Timothy Truman
Colorist- Helen Vessik ~~~ Letterer- Time Harkins
Boy Editor- Mark Waid
"They were always ready for adventure— The whole Gang.
Cave Carson?--Smug and tough. Or at least trying to be."
Bulldozer Smith ~ "Geek show strongman. Knew just about every darn thing about tunnels."
Christie Madison ~ Geologist with a "cast in iron" hair-do.
Johnny Blake ~ "Suave. Debonair, Devil-may-care kind of guy."
The Mighty Mole ~ "That big-finned underground edsel"

As the story goes Cave was "just a lab-tech with E. Borsten & Sons" working on the Mighty Mole Project (to help in mining-access) and when Sputnik went up funding got cut. Cave and his crew stole the mole and went on many bizarre adventures. One of which they can on a group of Nazi's performing some time travel experiments to bring "Uncle Adolf" back. Well, lets just say the mole crashed the party, Hitler was lost, a few Nazi lives were shed, and Cave "received a grant to stay in the cave business" by way of a ton of gold and artifacts which he managed to hide from the people and the events that soon followed. As it goes the government found out about the Nazi experiment in Time Travel. The Borsten group got the Time Travel technology, and Cave got to keep the Mole. And the rest is history.

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