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Time Masters

  • First Appearance: Rip Hunter (historical) SHOWCASE #20 (June, 1959), (current) BOOSTER GOLD #13 (February, 1987); Time Masters (current) TIME MASTERS #1 (February, 1990)


    Ripley "Rip" Hunter earned his Ph.D. at M.I.T; the degree was in Engineering, as they didn't offer a doctoral program in Time Travel. His fellow graduate student, Jeffrey Smith, was also a time-travel fanatic. They became friends, but separated after graduation. Rip took a job with Booster Gold International and Jeff went to work for Will Magnus, inventor of the Metal Men. ,

    At B.G.I., Rip developed a working time machine, using the faster-than-light tachyon-tracing method on which he and Jeff had done preliminary work at M.I.T Rip installed the drive in a time sphere, which he used to transport himself, his assistant Jack Soo, Tdxie Collins, and Booster Gold into the 25th century.

    There they found a vmrld of horror. Pacific North America, recovering from a devastating nuclear war, had become a police state. Her people lived in fear, poverty, and despair. Rip also learned that only a few methods of time travel existed. Each could only be used once by a particular person, The time sphere was now useless to Rip and the others, leaving them stranded in the future.

    They eventually escaped using the Borsten Time Platform-the same platform that once transported Jonah Hex from the late 19th century into the future. While Rip was relieved to return to his own time, he was also dismayed to have a second method of time travel now closed to him.

    With the dissolution of B.G.I., Jeff got Rip a job at the Magnus lab. Sometime later, after a massive explosion which killed Rip's lab assistant, Magnus ordered Rip .and Jeff to give up their research-or take it elsewhere.

    By this time, Rip was convinced that the nuclear war, whose disastrous effects he'd witnessed in the 25th century, was the work of an age-old conspiracy known to some as the Illuminati. Determined to thwart the conspiracy and stop impending war, Rip and Jeff relocated to Rip's private lab in upstate New York, If Rip himself could not travel by the two known methods, he could at least assemble a team to travel for him.

    Their first recruit was Bonnie Baxter, mistress of geology professor Calvin "Cave" Carson. Along with Bonnie came her teenaged brother, Corky. Rip's cousin, Dan Hunter, helped finance the project, on condition that he be allowed to join as well. The final member was a young woman named Antonia-"Tony"-a computer expert (and probably a car thief) whose bravery and resourcefulness won her a grudgingly given position on the team.

    After Rips mountain lab was destroyed by the Illuminati, the team relocated to Cave Carson's underground headquarters. Carson remains the principal financial backer of the team, as well as its spiritual mentor, due to his lingering emotional involvement with Bonnie.

    The team developed a further travel method, using the event horizon of a generated black hole. In addition, they discovered that the power ring energy of a Green Lantern can be used to transport ordinary humans through time. Unfortunately, like the other two methods, they may be used only once per time traveler


    The actual time machines used by the Time Masters are made in two forms. The first is a backpack device, which uses the tachyon-tracing method for the departing stage of the journey, and morphogenic resonance (similar to the Borsten platform). for the return. The second is a time sphere device which uses the singularity drive.

    Time Masters RPG

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