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"Rip Hunter vs. Vandal Savage, to the death! Cave and Jeff return to 1990 to find Bonnie has taken the future into her own hands!"

Time Masters #8



"...And nothing else about Rip Hunter?"

"It's been two months since we bombed their lab. There's been no sign of them. They must be dead."

"Good we can turn our attention to other things. Co we want a new U.S. president in 1992? Or sooner?"


Bonnie records a farewell message for the others.

"I'm setting this tape to broadcast an hour after I'm gone. I've been over it and over it in my mind. I'm not going to argue about it. Going backward isn't helping. We don't even know where or when this supposed Nuclear War is going to happen. Somebody has to go forward to find out. I'll call you when I know more. Hope you're having a swell old time in Atlantis."

Bonnie climbs into the Time Sphere, sets the date for "July 1, 2035", then the Local time, Longitude, and Latitude and then engages the machine.


Rip has been taken by a tribe of cave men and now stands in a cave by a fire. Rip tries to speak with them but they don't understand him and just grunt. They do nothing but sit by the fire.


Bonnie arrives in a alleyway. It is "Snowing in July?" Bonnie is then chased by a few of the hungry natives and is cornered. Suddenly a shot is fired and the men scramble as fire engulfs the building behind them.


Jeff and Cave are gathered for some last minutes at a gathering. Savage is the main speaker.

Savage- "...Fire of love is nothing compared to the fire of hatred. And I tell you: When what you hate is evil, then it is all right to hate."

Jeff- "Evil... Hatred... Rip must have blown it."

Cave agrees and they engage the Time Sphere for home.



Rip has finally managed to communicate with the cavemen.

Rip- "So you guys are the Bear Tribe. Okay. I'm looking for somebody from the Blood Tribe. Vandar Adg."

With the mention of the name the men cringe and tell Rip ""

Rip informs them that he is here to kill him.



Two of the Bear tribe lead Rip to the site where Vandar Adg and a young kid are killing animals with long staves.


Bonnie's saver takes her to his base where many men women and children are reading and working. Everyone has radiation burns.

"I shouldn't have brought you here... But I couldn't leave you to that Roverpack. You have such beautiful clothes..."

Bonnie- "What is this place?"

"One of our knowledge centers. You must guard its location with your life. We've ben the protectors of knowledge since the Final War. We call ourselves..."


Cave and Jeff are listening t Bonnie on the communicator.

"...The Illuminati! Whatever harm they've done in the past, they've become the only hope for the future. They've got secret caches of books and tapes all over the country. So if Rip manages to destroy them, it'll be a disaster. The world may never recover without them. Even if history could be changed, it shouldn't be. You have to warn Rip."

Cave- "We can't. He took our sphere to the Dawn of Time. It came back empty. He isn't answering our calls."

They know Rip is after Savage. Cave suggests that he call the Green Lantern so they can get Bonnie back. But Bonnie shrugs it off and says "that CD-Rom Encyclopedia is a Godsend to these people. There's too much to do here."

Jeff and Cave realize Bonnie isn't coming back. They try to stop her but soon realize that it is what must be done.

With that Bonnie with the help of her savor take the equipment out of the Time Sphere.

Cave- "The thing that scares me is... What is Rip is still trailing Savage? What is... Tomorrow, or a year from now, he catches up with Savage and kills him? What happens to us then?"

Jeff- "I've been thinking too. Counting the Lantern energy, we know of four methods of Time Travel."

Cave- "Why not five?"

Jeff- "I'll drink to that. To that and one other thing..."


"May Rip Hunter fail for all our sakes..."

Rip stands over looking the two hunters returning to there tribe. Rip jumps down and walks to Savage. Savage pushes his tribes men away. Rip looks Savage in the eye and rases his gun and screams, "SAVAGE!"

Savage instantly throws his hunting spear at Rip, hitting him in the shoulder. Rip fires his gun.

Blood drips from Rips right shoulder as blood drips from Savages left side.

Savage grabs the spear and lifts Rip into the air and throws him into the water.

The two face off in a shallow lake.

Rip grabs a stone and strikes Savage against the face with his left hand. He then pounds the man with hit after hit after hit until.....

A scream cries out form the tribes man who witnessed the act.


Tony is on a pay phone. Then she waits and a clue car drives up and she climbs in, "Hey, sis."

"Let's go home."


Bonnie has brought one of her attackers into the group and is teaching him. "Why steal our knowledge when we'll give it to you?"

saver- "I'm the first to admit it. I didn't think it would work. I was wrong. This changes everything. We could be back on our feet within a generation."

Bonnie- "I had to try. I kind of owed it to somebody..."

saver- "Somebody from your time?"

Bonnie- "It's not that. We weren't lovers or anything. It's just... ...I wish Rip could see this. It might make things easier for him."

8.22.1 Rip stands on a ledge over looking the young boy.

"It's the falling star Arion told me about. From here I'll be protected from its radiation. Young Vandar Adg will not. My friends of the Bear Tribe explained how the son takes the name of the father when the father is killed. I could kill the boy. But there would only be another Vandar Adg to take his place, another comet, and the Illuminati would rise again. I already have one murder on my hands. So let the fire burn through his soul. Let him feel it transform him. In time, I, too, may change. I've found out I can't change the world. Maybe I can change myself."

8.23.1 Bonnie is teaching the people American History.

"...In Time..."

8.23.2 Tony and her sister sit watching TV.

8.23.3 Cave Carson and Jeff as discussing Time Travel.

"...For in time anything is possible..."

8.23.4 "Corky Baxter 1973-1990 R.I.P."

"...And time is something I've got plenty of."

8.23.5 Rip turns and smiles as the falling star of Arion hits the ground.

"All the time in the world."


(September 1990)

Writers- Bob Wayne & Lewis Shiner

Penciller- Art Thibert ~~ Inker- Jose Marzan Jr

Letterer- Bob Pinaha ~~ Colorist- Adrienne Roy

Editor- Robert Greenberger ~~ Historical Advisor- Geo W. Proctor


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