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"The time sphere reborn! Rip finally gets his chance to travel in time agian. Nabu's clues send Rip on a collision coarse with Atlantis and the magical powers of Arion. but the team is falling apart, and as for Corky, well..."

Time Masters #7 -LONG TIME COMING

(August 1990)

Writers- Bob Wayne & Lewis Shiner

Penciller- Art Thibert ~~ Inker- Jose Marzan Jr

Letterer- Bob Pinaha ~~ Colorist- Adrienne Roy

Editor- Robert Greenberger ~~ Historical Advisor- Geo W. Proctor


2578 B.C.

A Meeting is underway. They are discussing the little scuffle that transpired a short while ago.

"So what you're saying it was actually a slave...? ...Who was buried in the sarcophagus. I knew I would find him guarding that pile of blocks."

When questions of the intruders comes up the leader says, "Enough! Let us discuss this problem with the Minoan settlements on Crete."


Bonnie is at the table in the kitchen being debriefed with Jeff and Rip. Rip (with a few days worth of stubble on his face) is asking her about the Nabu story and is trying to debunk it. Bonnie screams that "Savage is Dead!"

But, Rip rebuttals, "Except nothing's changed. Listen to the news. More fighting in the mid east, another bombing in London..."

Suddenly, Tony rushes and asks them to follow her.

Cave, Rip, Tony, Bonnie, and Jeff are in the lab. "NO FUTURE" is spray painted on the monitor. Shocked looks are on everyones faces. Bonnie's eyes tear up, screams out "NO!" and grabs ahold of Cave Carson.


Bonnie is placing plastic flowers (which she hates) on a freshly dug grave which sits at the bottom of two sets of stairs, in a sand bank, by a calm Carven lake. Jeff is behind Bonnie and Rip is in front of the two. Rip asks her is she was sure that Khafre was dead. But then the truth comes out. The man she killed had a chin. But Khafre "had a beard."


Rip and Jeff are working out as they discuss a fourth way of time travel so they won't e stranded when they use the Time Sphere. When, the green glow of the algae gives Jeff an idea... "THE GREEN LANTERNS!"


Final preparations are being made for the trip on tomorrow. But, then a ring of truth appears over the angel, Tony, as she tells everyone, "Count me out. Corky's dead. Jeff's shoulder is going to hurt for the rest of his life. Dan's lost in the past. This whole thing is crazy. You ain't gonna change history. The best we can do is try to change ourselves. I'm going home."

Rip tells Tony good-bye and "Thanks. For all you did." Tony then boards Carson's Drilling Machine. And Carson tells Rip that he wants to "go in Tony's place. I've got experience at this kind of thing. My vaccinations are all current. Not to mention that I've been bankrolling this and I want to see the end. I mean... Atlantis, you know?"

Rip agrees and Cave boards the Mole and they are gone.


A busy night for Jeff and Bonnie ends with Jeff getting dresses and asks Bonnie to stay behind and monitor things while they are gone. Bonnie agrees but when Jeff is gone she throws the clock against the wall.


The Green Lantern, Hal Jorden, is telling the crew that the "ring knows where and when to find Atlantis, even if we don't." (Note: we learn that the Time Sphere has "got an encyclopedia and data base on CD-Rom"). Rip (with a gun strapped to his waist), Jeff, and Cave Carson (dressed in his famous drilling uniform with hard hat) board the Time Sphere and Green Lantern just thinks and the sphere is gone.


"Atlantis! 45,000 B.C.! We did it!"

Rip and the others get ready to exist but the hatch won't open. It seems a man with long white hair, (bound in a pony tail and dressed in a long Blue cloak with red and yellow decorations on it in strips), has put a "binding spell" on the Time Sphere and he is now releasing it.

When The three travelers exist they find a lavish paradise with a few of the inhabitants waiting, one of which is the binder who now offers the men a earing to help them understand one another.

The men accept (in a little bit of hesitation) and Rip asks to see "the lord of this land."

The man tells them, "I am he whom you seek." And asks them to walk in the garden when a terrible earthquake hits. Buildings topple, the ground splits. A young baby falls into a ground craves and Rip (with Jeff holding on to him) manage to save the scared baby and give her back to its' mother (which is the ruler's wife) who screams, "Kara— Thank the stars— Your all right!"



Once Kara is put to bed, and in gratitude the ruler takes Rip to the garden and mutters, "I now much of your era. More, perhaps, than I would like to. Ah, Kara. So soon you will leave us."

When rip asks, "What?" the man shrugs it off as "mutterings of an old man. Now, what is it you seek?"


Night has fallen and The three travelers are gathered around the man who is explaining all he knows.

Rip- "Is this where the city of the Golden Gate comes in?"

Arion- "No. That Atlantis perished years ago under the sea. Atlantis is many, but Atlantis is always one. True Atlantis is a matter of knowledge and magic and art. It has always been thus... Until a few hundred years ago. That was when this man Savage arrived, shipwrecked, apparently near death. He recovered quickly and soon gained a following... ...And a valuable ally in my brother, Garn. Wealth and political power are their only concerns. Now Atlantis herself is torn by strife, as Savage's secret society undermines all we have struggled to preserve... ...And the magic itself begins to die. They call themselves the brotherhood of light, yet they speak for the darkness...greed, fear, violence."

Rip- "With the knowledge and power at our disposal, we could bring this brotherhood to an end."

Arion- "No. I promised you knowledge, and I now honor that debt. I have implanted all I know of Savage into your mind— — But I cannot let you bring violence to Atlantis."

Rip- "Savage is Evil! This knowledge only confirms it! How can you let a monster like that go on? Down through the centuries?"

Arion- "I'm sorry. I will not fight violence with violence. And while you are my guests, neither will you."

It takes both Cave and Jeff to hold a maddened Rip.


Bonnie sits at the communications center, with her reading glasses, on as Jeff reports in that all is calm. When they cut off Bonnie pulls her glasses off, stands, and looks at the Time Sphere.


Rip sits awake in his quarters. He looks at Jeff and walks out towards the Time Sphere when a voice stops him.

Arion- "You must stop this madness. You cannot make the world better through bloodshed. It is an impossibility. Stay here with us. If only for a day or two. Let us show you another way."

Rip- "It's too late for that! Savage must die! From what you placed in my mind, I know Savage's very beginnings. I will finish it here.

Arion screams, "NO!" as he a magic circle in he air to stop an engaging Time Sphere. Arion collapses and Jeff and Cave run up.

Arion- "Magic... Too weak... To stop him. Who... is now... the savage?"

Suddenly the Time Sphere reappears and Cave opens it to find "IT'S EMPTY!"

7.24.1 Rip shuts the Time Sphere door.

7.24.2 The Time Sphere disappears as Rip walks away.

7.24.3 Close up of Rip's face. Sweat drips from his brow.

7.24.4 Rip stands in a smoke filles region. Rip has his gun drawn as he stands ready for a fight on top of a rock ledge. A fire is lit behind him and four shadows figures can be seen behind him.

Continued: Time Masters #8

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