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"The tension Mounts, as the TIME MASTERS team goes further into the past in an attempt to thwart the crosstime conspiracy. In TIME MASTERS #6, Bonnie Baxter travels to ancient Egypt, where she gains an unexpected ally: Nabu, the Lord of Order (as seen in the pages of DR. FATE). Toghter, can they destroy the conspiracy... and stop the evil pharaoh Kha-Ef-Re? In 1990, Rip Hunter explains the cold, hard truth about time travel to Bonnie's Brother, Corky Baxter."

Time Masters #6 -TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE

(July 1990)

Writers- Bob Wayne & Lewis Shiner

Penciller- Art Thibert ~~ Inker- Jose Marzan Jr

Letterer- Bob Pinaha ~~ Colorist- Adrienne Roy

Editor- Robert Greenberger ~~ Historical Advisor- Geo W. Proctor


980 A.D.

Vandal Savage is pondering about what the Angel and the Barbarian could possibly want with the Sacred Relics of the Brotherhood. A committee is gathered as the barbarian is pushed over towards the angel.



Rip is trying to get Tony to get a look at the Tarot Cards. But, Bonnie demands Rip bring Tony back. Rip is trying to salvage something from this misson. But Bonnie continues to demand. Then a switch is tripped.


Tony is rased in the air and vanishes.

The Barbarian sees his chance and escapes.

Savage doesn't care about the Barbarian all he wants is the Angel.


Tony is relaxing on the coach and Bonnie is talking with her as Rip burst in demanding to know about the Tarot Cards. He thinks the Masson was a "total waste" and he needs the info on the Tarot Cards and the Hieroglyphs so he can pin-point a date for Egypt.

Rip is discouraged and walks away saying, "The Tarot Deck is supposed to encode the knowledge lost when the library of Alexandria burned in 640 A.D. Maybe the Illuminati started that fire. I'll get the Time Sphere ready first thing in the morning..."


A late night meeting between Bonnie, Jeff, and Tony. Bonnie asks about the "Master."

Tony- "He was huge. Built like a gorilla. Black hair and beard, the thickest black hair I'd ever seen. And those deep-set eyes..."

Jeff- "Weird. Sounds like the guy I glimpsed at Diaz's place."

Bonnie then tells them about the hieroglyphics referring to a pharaoh named Khafre of the fourth dynasty. They then flame Rip's date picking and Bonnie decides to head out on her own via the Back Pack. Tony out fits her with a white robe and Bonnie vanishes.



Rip walks down stairs to find Jeff and Cave Carson drinking coffee where he learns about Bonnie. Rip is shocked. He begins to yell at Jeff about him stabbing him in the back.

Jeff- "You still don't get it, do you, Rip? I'm in love with her."

Rip- "I've been a fool..."


An Egyptologist guides to Bonnie to where she wants to go via the communicator. She comes across Khafre's servants working on the Pyramids. This is not allowed and two of Khafre's guards escort her to Khafre at the base of the Sphinx. There Bonnie (saying she is from a distant land) offers knowledge to the ruler. She is thought mad and is impressed in a sealed room.

There Bonnie gets a transmission from Jeff about retrieval and she asks to wait. Then suddenly out of thin air a blinding flash of light illuminates the darkness and a man in Blue and Yellow and a mask appears.

Bonnie- "I know you. You're one of Booster's friends, from the Justice League."

The man answers- "4500 years from now Dr. Fate will have been in your Justice League. I am Nabu, a lord of order. I had hoped that the costume might bring you comfort."

Bonnie tells him "Not really." And Nabu changes into his Pharaoh form and takes ahold of Bonnie and they a whisked away.


Rip talks to Cave Carson (who is working on his drilling machine). First about the danger then about Bonnie, Jeff, and Himself.

Rip- "Look about Jeff. I know I screwed up. Sure, I flirted with Bonnie some. Maybe Kissed her once or twice... who wouldn't? But if Jeff's in love with her... I won't stand in his way."

This makes Cave bow his head in shame at what he and Bonnie once had... Corky then walks up as Rip says something about "planning the next mission." And asks "How about me? For the next trip? Isn't it my turn?"

Rip (first in shock then in his normal cold tone)- "You really don't know, do you? There are only two perfected methods of time travel. You only get to use each one once. One going, one coming back. Your little jaunt to Dinosaur land burned you out. You don't get a second chance. I'm sorry... ...Corky?"

But it is to late Corky takes off leaving his familiar "NO FUTURE" trademark spray painted on the cave walls.


Nabu takes Bonnie to a chamber in the great pyramid of Khufu. Nabu wants to bind Khafre. But to do this a combination of Science (Bonnies communicator) and Magic will be needed. Bonnie agrees in exchange for information on Khafre's involvement in a secret organization. Nabu tells Bonnie that "It goes back to the last days of Atlantis. After the sinking of the city of the golden gate. Their members slowly took control of one of the cities. When the rest of the continent sank, they traveled to the four corners of the world. They called themselves the Children of the Light... ...The Illuminated ones."

Bonnie- "Will it never end? Every door we open has another door behind it."

Nabu- "The society goes back no farther than Atlantis. That much is certain."

Nabu then forms a scarab out of the communicator and instructs Bonnie to bring it in Khafre's presence. Nabu then transports Bonnie into Khafre's sleeping quarters. Khafre is awaken and his guards go after Bonnie but Nabu appears and takes care of them. Bonnie goes after Khafre and as he runs away she fires a magical blast from her scarab and a newly built monument topples on Khafre and the task is done.

Nabu- "Khafre is immortal. You haven't killed him, only weakened him. This spell will bind him down through the ages."

Nabu then brings Khafre's body into the air and magically mummifies him and places him in a crypt and "An era of evil has come to an end."



Bonnie appears and is greeted with a warm embrace from Jeff. Bonnie informs Rip that "I think we stopped them, Rip. I think it's over."

Rip (smiling)- "I'm proud of you."

Tony- "You were great!"

Bonnie (looking around)- "Where's Corky?

6.24.1 The Time Sphere in the dark.

6.24.2 Corky sits in the main seat inside the Time Sphere. A rope is suspended over his head and he has his hands on the rope in two places.

6.24.3 Close up of Corky form the Chest up. Corky's features are blackened out.

6.24.4 Close up on Corky's face. Raised slightly, a single tear falls from his left eye.

6.24.5 Close up a noose suspended in mid air.

Continued: Time Masters #7

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