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Time Masters #5 -GOOD TIMES...BAD TIMES!

(June 1990)

Writers- Bob Wayne & Lewis Shiner

Penciller- Art Thibert ~~ Inker- Jose Marzan Jr

Letterer- Bob Pinaha ~~ Colorist- Adrienne Roy

Editor- Robert Greenberger ~~ Historical Advisor- Geo W. Proctor



The committee is meeting to discuss the Washington matter and how "There was interference."

"Rebels. But we made the substitution in time. Washington is dead and Weishaupt is safe."

The leader (a very familiar and hairy man) with what looks to be a gold cup that is chipped in his hands continues on, "On to business. We must decide the role of France in this upcoming war."

5.2.1-5.3.7 (full page spread)

1990, Cave Carson's Underground Base-

Cave returns with a woman named Dr. Weston, a expert in early Romance languages.

An unshaven Rip Hunter greets the women in his usual matter and leads her to the communications center so they can begin. Rip gives the doctor a headset and instructs her to translate anything Tony hears. With a flash Tony, dressed in white druid-like robes, vanishes to 980 A.D. Franconia ("Earlier than the Knights Templar, in the middle of western Europe.")


Tony appears in the middle of a minor battle between towns folk and men in Red and White armor. Tony, acting as an angel, yells, "SILENCE! Lay down your weapons." The people do as she says. Next she asks for a villager to bring her "something to eat and drink." She is welcomed into a home of one of the villagers she has saved. There she learns the knights fight in "the name of their magic cup."


Bonnie asks Rip how he managed to get a fix on where to send Tony. Rip tells her it was in a Grail Book that "talked about a blonde prince, a northerner, who tried to steal the Grail from a local tyrant. We were able to pin down the time and place."

It seems that in the current time-line the man lost, "But he didn't have Tony to help last time."

Jeff then walks up and Rip talks him into taking over for him so he can test out "The first sphere."


Rip loads his grandfathers clock into the sphere. All of Rip's hopes for a third chance at Time- Travel are ridding on this experiment. He engages the machine. Bonnie is behind him were he can't see her as she smiles in hope as the Sphere disappears.

Moments pass and the sphere reappears with GREEN SLIME all over the side. Bonnie asks pointing it out, "What's that stuff on the side?"

"Who cares? I just want to know if it... it works," Rip answers as he opens the TS and takes out his clock and when he sees "it works" he hugs Bonnie. Then Jeff interrupt....



Things are getting out of hand in the past and Rip tells Tony to use the gun she brought. Needless to say, one shot did the trick. The man who brought Tony into his home takes her outside and introduces himself as Cretien. He explains that "This cup has turned husband against wife, father against son, sister against brother. It is a test of one's faith."

Cretien brings Tony to a man who is sitting by a fire playing chess all alone.


The Blonde haired man introduces himself as The Viking Prince. He invites Tony to play a game and he tells her how he came to be so "far south." The game ends in a "Stalemate." When the Prince asks to play another game, Tony aks to play a different game.

Prince asks "with what object?"

Tony answers, "A cup." "The San Graal. The Holy Grail. The cup used by the savior at the last supper. Joseph of Arimathea used the same cup to catch the savior's blood when he stood upon the cross. The tyrants who rule this village do so by the power of the cup. Without the cup they will be helpless."

Prince answers he has "seen this cup. And I can take you to it."

5.14.1- 5.14.6

A villager enters on a familier man with lots of hair and informs him of the miracle that has occurred. The master instructs the man, "I do not believe in angels. But watch this one. And if anyone threatens the grail. They will have to deal with me... VANDAL SAVAGE!"


Tony, Cretien, and Viking Prince journey on horse back. The soon come across a hooded man dealing in fortune telling. The Prince chastises the devilish things and they leave. The man pulls his hood down and is reviled as the man who warned his master.

Soon, The three come across a house and are ambushed by knights.


Tony shows his face to ask, "Is she dead yet?"

Rip snaps back, "Things are very critical right now. Why don't you go outside and play in traffic?"

Tony looks down. Then over at the skeleton of a second Time Sphere. Then he turns and walks away.

Bonnie chastises Rip for his treatment of her brother. Rip suggests Bonnie go check on Jeff. Bonnie makes a crack about the guns and how "at least he's not cracking up!"

Rip- "Are you saying I am? Cracking up?"

Ice cold "Fine." echoes from Rip and Bonnies lips as Bonnie leaves and Rip gets back to Tony's situation.


A bloody sword fight occurs as the three finish off the knights and enter the house. Th room is dark so they light candles. There is nothing but rugs in the room. Then a thought, "Behind the rugs!" The Price and Tony examine the Rugs to find they are Egyptian with drawings of the grail on them with a beatle above the cup. Tony grabs ahold of the beatle and turns it and a passageway appears. They follow it straight into a ambush.

Savage is waiting in a wide room. Prince has been knocked out, Tony's weapon is removed and Savage asks, "Now do you care for a reading? Sadly, I fear the cards hold little promise for you. Only imprisonment... and death."

Continued: Time Masters #6

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