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"The battle agianst the crosstime conspiracy heats up, as Rip Hunter's cousin, Dan Hunter, travels back to 1770, where he encounters George Washington,TOMAHAWK...and death. And in 1990, a visit from The JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL's ANIMAL MAN and BOOSTER GOLD."

Time Masters #4 -TIME IS ON MY SIDE

(May 1990)

Writers- Bob Wayne & Lewis Shiner

Penciller- Art Thibert ~~ Inker- Jose Marzan Jr

Letterer- Bob Pinaha ~~ Colorist- Adrienne Roy

Editor- Robert Greenberger ~~ Historical Advisor- Geo W. Proctor



Mexico, Shortly after Jeff's escape. The Meeting is in progress. The men are discussing the Photograph. As it turns out Hex throw away the camera after it "Gave up working". A man reassures the main speaker (a strangely familiar man with a beard and very hairy figures) that "He kilt that shootist, though... That black man gunnin' for Mr. Diaz."

Speaker- "Yes. And he managed to lose the body! Never mind. On to the business about this new German Empire..."


Rip, Cave, Bonnie, Dan, Jeff, Tony, and Corky stand in their new base of operations.

Rip- "It's all over. We're wiped out."

Cave- "We saved all the people and a lot of the gear. The explosion filled in the tunnel that we left. No one has any reason to suspect that you're still alive. I count that as not bad."

Cave then ushers Rip over to a small cave a few feet away from the main area. In the cavern are Nazi chests of Gold overflowing with priceless artifacts.

Cave- "This will help replace the equipment you lost. Take what you need."

Rip- "This is... Too good to be true. Why are you doing this?"

Cave- "Let's just say I believe in what your doing. And So does Bonnie."


Everyone (Except Cave Carson) is in a briefing room where Rip is explaining the situation.

"I've researched this name Weishaupt that Jeff came up with. There was a Bavarian nobleman by that name in the late 18th century, supposedly an exact double for George Washington. I'm convinced that this is the node we want. We have to prevent Weishaupt from taking Washington's place. So day after Tomorrow I'm sending Dan Back--"

Tony interrupts with a "What?"

Dan is "Awwwright!" with his thumb and pinky extended.

Bonnie objects turning the situation into a feminist point of view.

Rip shrugs off the argument and continues with his history lesson.

"Pennsylvania, 1770. We'll bring you in right about 2.2 million people in the colonies at this point..."


Dan appears in a lush forest dressed in leather. He runs into a deer and proceeds to laugh about how he is "in paradise." But someone lurks in the shadows...

Dan soon pauses for a look at his map on a rock when a rank sent creeps up to his noise.

He looks around to see three Indians standing in front of him. Dan makes a crack about there smell and a man named Bill punches him out.


Later that night-

Dan sits on his knees with his hands tied behind his back. He works on the rope and manages to free himself. The man watching over him is asleep and Dan creeps away from the site when he over hears a conversation about "...Illuminati business..." coming from the tent.

Inside the men are washing up and discussing about how "This sort of thing was never necessary in the old days."

The black haired man then begins- "In the old days, we had the grail. People were superstitious then. This "Age of Reason" has robbed us of too much of our power."

The brown haired man- "When the colonists hear of our raids, they'll do at least some of our work for us. The Indian lands will be ours within a few years."

Black haired man- "Which leaves only the Washington business. A pity that he wouldn't join us."

Suddenly out side a load "THUD" and "CRASH" are heard. And then two more men dressed as Indians bring in Dan because they "Found him listening behind your tent."

The brown haired man instructs them to keep Dan tied up until tomorrow when they will kill him.


Dan is awaken by the smell of smoke. He looks around and a man with blonde hair is speaking to him as log cabins burn in the background and foreground. The stranger comes up with a way of escaping from the fire that is all around them. "If you were to throw yourself toward the outside the same time as me, say on the count of Three?"

The two count and then leap out of harms way. Then they rest and introduce themselves.

Dan- "The name's Hunter. Dan Hunter."

Blonde Haired man- "Tom. My friends call me Tomahawk. I would say you're entitled. What was your quarrel with those injuns?"

Dan then goes on the explain how the white men dressed as Indians caught him. He continues to lie about how the men killed his uncle and that "You've got to help me AVENGE HIS DEATH!"

Tomahawk agrees to take him back to Washington's camp.


Tomahawk takes Dan to Washington's camp and introduces him to Colonel.

There Washington thanks Dan for Saving Tom's life and agrees to take Dan on a walk.

On the Walk Dan warns Washington about an attempt to kill him and put an imposter in his place.

Washington is intrigued. Then a stunning young female Indian named Laughing Fawn walks up.

Washington introducers Dan to LF and Dan and LF are enthralled in each other as they take each others hands in a sign of greeting.


Back at the cave-

Tony is at the monitor board awaiting word form Dan.

Rip is "hovering like the angle of death."

Cave Carson is ready for work at the college. Bonnie gives her old flame a good bye kiss on the cheek. Rip is pist.

Corky is standing in front of the construction site of the third method of time travel. With his boom box blaring a song called "HOW WILL I LAUGH TOMORROW"

Jeff is on a hospital bed, Rip is brooding. Bonnie enters to check on Jeff and he storms out.

Tony then screams, "RIP! BONNIE! IT'S DAN!"


Rip is screaming to Dan via the miniature receiver/Transmitter.

Dan tells Rip about the Grail, and how he warned Washington. Then he cuts off Rip when LF walks up and asks who he was talking to.


A meeting is going on in a tent between four men. When suddenly a man with a Monocle opens up the tent flap. The meetings speaker introduces the man as, "Herr Adam Weishaupt of Bavaia." The men are astonished by the resemblance, but the speaker chastise Weishaupt about his Monocle. He then continues with the meeting about the ambush planned to kill Washington and about the delivering of Washington at the Appointed time so there won't be two Washingtons. Then a Red coat bursts in to warn the men "That Dan Hunter is Coming, sir."


It is raining. Tomahawk wakes up Dan to inform him "A scout has found the renegades."

The men then leave before dawn for the planned event.


Dan and Tomahawk cross a river on a cut down tree and engage a White man made slaughter already in progress. Blood shead follows. And a mini-chase occurs as Dan chases down an escaping man. Who he beats until he tells Dan everything.



Washington thanks Dan for his help. Dan leaves and Washington puts on his monocle.


Dan informs Jeff, via the communicator, that he is staying. "Someone has to set that Hunter fortune in motion." Jeff tells Dan to keep the Backpack, for he might "want to come home someday." But, Dan smiles and tells him, "Jeff, I AM Home. Give everybody my love. Goodbye." Dan then tosses the communicator in the stream and Tomahawk comes up.

Tom- "Finished with your errand, lad?"

Dan- "All Done."

Tom- "Dan, you are a curious lad. But you will never make your way alone. I shall have to keep an eye on you."

Dan- "Thanks, Tom. I was hoping you would say that."



~ (Transcript in full from TM#4 for Comparison with AM#22 only)~

Booster Gold enters with a man dressed in black leather just as Dan signs off with Jeff.

Booster- "Remember, don't get him started on this Illuminati business."

Rip- "Ah. Booster."

Booster- "Rip this is Animal Man."

Rip- "Booster Called me about your problem. Unfortunately, we can't afford to just hand over our equipment to the Justice League."

AM- "I understand. I'm only asking to borrow one of your machines, Dr. Hunter."

Rip- "It's not that simple. Using the backpack burns them out. These are very expensive machines."

Bonnie- "Rip, why don't you give him a chance to explain?"

AM- "The Justice League has encountered a... conspiracy. They're extremely dangerous. They may, uh, have the ability to travel through time. Uh... ...Booster told me the League will meet all you expenses. I just need a machine."

Rip- "Sounds to me like you've sun into the Illuminati. But I think we have the problem well in hand."

AM- "Then you won't miss the machine."

Bonnie & Jeff- "RIP!"

Rip- "Okay, Okay! Here's how you set the date and location..."

Bonnie- "Rip? Isn't that one damaged?"

Rip- "It took a knock, that's all. I checked it myself. It's fine. You're welcome. Who do I talk to about my money?"

Booster- "What money?"


Rip is reading the morning paper out load and can't understand why nothing has changed.

Bonnie thinks Dan "informed the wrong guy."

Rip- "The grail... it must be the grail. Okay, Tony. Get Ready. We're sending you back as an angel. And you're going after THE HOLY GRAIL!"

Continued: Time Masters #5

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