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"Rip sends Jeff to 1874 Mexico to stop a dictator, but they didn't count on Jonah Hex, Bat Lash, and Scalphunter as body guards."

Time Masters #3 -TIME HAS COME TODAY

(April 1990)

Writers- Bob Wayne & Lewis Shiner

Penciller- Art Thibert ~~ Inker- Jose Marzan Jr

Letterer- Bob Pinaha ~~ Colorist- Adrienne Roy

Editor- Robert Greenberger ~~ Historical Advisor- Geo W. Proctor



"I want to hear about this maniac who thinks he can destroy our organization tell me about Rip Hunter."

A main inches up in his chair and tells the leader they have "located his lab."

The leader instructs him to "Make sure of it. You've made too many mistakes already. And when you're sure... KILL THEM! KILL THEM ALL!"


Corky is being chased by a dozen baby T-Rexs and a drooling, full grown T-Rex. Thinking he is going to die he hides behind a rock formation. As the mother passes by Croky receives a transmission from Jeff (who is in the lab) via a microphone on the backpack. Jeff proceeds to talk a distraught Croky through the process of retrieval. Suddenly, the T-Rex catches wind of where its dinner is.


Rip is at his desk. Jeff knocks on the door and then enters and says, "Corky's Back."

Jeff- "He's fine. I'm sure you meant to ask that. I'm sure you're not going to hold a grudge because he made a stupid mistake."

Rip- "The backpack's not okay. That's about ten thousand dollars pissed away. They're good for one round trip only, Remember? Corky, too. One round trip only, for each of us. He's worthless to us now."

Rip continues on the talk. But this time it is about the picture. It was taken in "Oaxaxa, Mexico, September 16 of 1874." "That would be right before Porfiro Diaz got himself elected president for the first time." If Diaz never became president "the Illuminati might never have consolidated power in this country." Rip also managed to identify someone in the picture. The deformed guy is "Jonah Hew--a bounty hunter and hired killer, very dangerous."

Jeff- "What exactly are you saying?"

Rip (holding up a gun)- "I'm saying Diaz may have to die."

3.6.1-3.7.11 (Two Pages)


Jeff enters dressed in the closest thing they had that matched the time period. Rip calms any nervousness Jeff has about the trip and Bonnie gives Jeff a "Good Luck" kiss. And Jeff vanishes.

He appears in a small town with dirt roads and men hard at work. Jeff Moses in to a bar where we can here a card game going on.


Jeff goes over to the bar tender. But the questions coming from behind him asking if he is a "runaway slave" are more important. He explains he is a free man and that he is a Magician (as he reaches into his backpack which hides the Time Machine. And pulls out a Camera.)

The men go out side and the Bartender takes a picture as the 4 men pose.

Upon looking at what developed He exclaims, "I think Mr. Diaz ought to see this."


Scene: The residence of Mr. Diaz. Jeff, the 3 men, Mr. Diaz, 3 other men, and the staff are in the dinning room.

Mr. Diaz introduces the quests. Senor Enrique Valdez (Ambassador of Spain), Monsieur Alphonse De Rothschild (head of French Banking House), and Mr. Rutherford B. Hayes (of the USA). Valdez stands up and protests about how Diaz has been treating Mexico and draws a gun form his shirt. Hex springs form his seat and kills the man. The dinner goes on.


The lab-

Jeff is talking to Rip via the link in the Backpacks. Jeff explains how Diaz will become president no matter what. Rip begins to think that the Illuminati rigged the election. And it is their duty to stop the Illuminati no matter what. "Am I going nuts? Is this some alternate time line we've tapped into? Are these guys just the world's greatest liars? Or did this all really happen?"

Tony enters and tells them "Rip? I think we got trouble!"

A man then gets up and walks away from the outside of the window.


Tony leads Rip to the outside of the window where they find a bomb waiting for them. The bomb is booby-trapped and moving it will make it explode. The thing is set for Midnight (less than three hours away). And the timer reads "2:59".



Jeff is awakin' from a nap by the load ramblings of Hex who is sleeping stopped over in his chair at the bottom of the stairs.

In a room a meeting is underway concerning the "control over the United States." And George Washington is mentioned and then shrugged under the carpet.

Back in the hall the Ingen clomps up and asks if the men are still ruling the world.

Hex- "Guess so. If you believe all that crap. All I know is the pay's Good. And if you don't ask questions, you kin live to collect it."


Tony continues at trying to disarm the bomb. But things aren't looking good. And Tony recommends that they start "thinkin' about gettin' everybody outta here." Which incidentally, the bomb might "take the whole top of the mountain with it."

Rip goes inside everyone awaiting the news. Dan is on the computer with Jeff. Bonnie is on the couch and when she catches on she grabs the phone and calls someone she knows.


Hex is asleep again. Diaz goes up to him an grabs his shoulder and instructs him "that will be all we'll require of you tonight." Diaz then heads to the garden. Jeff heads back to his room. Dan just stopped transmitting. Jeff grabs his gun pauses and then heads out of the room just in time for Dan to come on again.

Jeff heads to the garden, gun drawn. Diaz is expecting it, and gladly opens up for a clear shot. Jeff is ready...then he pauses....BLAMM!!!

A bullet rips through Jeff's right shoulder blade. Jeff grabs at his arm and takes off up the stairs. Bullets fly from behind him as Hex shots at him. Jeff makes it to his room and grabs his Backpack and engages it.


Jeff appears screaming in the lab. Bonnie runs over to Jeff and cradles him as she screams "Rip! He's been shot!"

Suddenly, a drilling sound eccohs throughout the lab and then a giant drilling machine bursts through the wall.

Rip- "WHAT THE--?!"

A man exits the machine as says- "Cave Carson, at your service."

Bonnie (running over to Carson)- "I didn't know if you were coming or not."

Carson- "I'm here aren't I?"

Rip- "Whose idea was this?"

Bonnie- "Mine. Want to hang around and argue about it? Or do you want to try to save some of this equipment while there's still time?"

Rip after a brief hesitation then grabs Jeff and helps him into the Machine.


Time Ticks away.............






Continued: Time Masters #4

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