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"Pieces of the deadly conspiracy that has controlled mankind for centuries continues to be reveled, as Rip Hunter and his crew prepare for battle."

Time Masters #2 -NO TIME TO LIVE

(March 1990)

Writers- Bob Wayne & Lewis Shiner

Penciller- Art Thibert ~~ Inker- Jose Marzan Jr

Letterer- Bob Pinaha ~~ Colorist- Adrienne Roy

Editor- Robert Greenberger ~~ Historical Advisor- Geo W. Proctor


1990, A low priority alert is placed on Rip Hunter so he can be terminated quietly.


While being chased down rain slicken streets, Bonnie gets an idea and throws a newspaper at the pursuing car. The paper hits the pursuers windshield making it loose control, hit another car, and then flip.


At the ranch-

Rip, Bonnie, and Jeff brief each other and figure out that the Illuminati want Nuclear War so that they can survive and "have total Domination of the World." The three then get to work on various projects around the ranch.

Rip calls his cousin, Dan Hunter, in Washington for a loan of twenty of thirty thousand for his research.



Bonnie's younger brother, Corky, shows up at the ranch. It seems Corky has hitchhiked his way after his sister.

Then Dan Hunter drives up in a Red Ferrari to check out his investment.


In The Lab-

Rip tells of the two existing methods of time travel (has the Time Pac on his back).

Rip continues on to inform the crew that he is working on a third method of time travel.

"Why can't you use the back packs?"

"That, as they say, is the rub. Each Time Travel method works once per person and once only. Trying to use the same method twice tends to make things... explode."

(Corky wanders around the lab listening to "Welcome To The Jungle". He brings his hand against a unfinished control panel and his hand begins to bleed. He smerks and wanders back to the others.)

Dan agrees and they toast "To... the future!"



Rip gets a call from Booster Gold and learns he managed to get him an appointment. Rip goes out front to look around. Suddenly, a gust of wind hits him and in front of him stands the man of steel, Superman.

The two talk, but Superman (who seems a little aloof) thinks it's to far fetched and to take it up with the JLI.


On the way back Corky chases down a person with a shaved head (except for a small patch of pink hair). He brings the person down and Rip tells Corky to bring the spy in for questioning.

The questioning revels that she is here to see the "Beyootiful Lamb"

She doesn't want to be turned in to the cops for she has a record for stealing cars and she pleads for a chance to prove herself. They agree within minutes she has her records hacked into for the ranches computer. Her name comes up "Antonia" but she prefers Tony.

Soon, Tony hacks the computer system and finds the plans for the Time Machines. And they have two options: Keep her or Keep her.

Jeff -"Now we have to keep her. Dan, any champagne left?"


That night on a hill overlooking the lab with a Red moon filling the background.

In the foreground we find Rip and Bonnie talking about Corky.

And then a romantic moment... They kiss but the tender moment is broken when Bonnie reveals, "It's all happening too fast. I need some time... to... think..."

Far below Jeff is taking a smoke.



Jeff is griping about "These cheap British plugs!" Then the conversation switches to the holes in the theories and then to Rip and Bonnie.

Meanwhile in the background Rip gets a fax from a friend concerning Slater's investigation in Washington.


Dan and Rip head for Washington D.C. for this obviously involves a lead Slater found. But, instead the two find Slater dead at his desk from a head wound.

"Pull the rug out from under us."

Which turns out to be a clue were the stuff is. Dan and Rip look under the rug to find an envelope with a Polaroid of the old West with what looks to be of Jeff standing in the center of Four other figures (A guy with a deformed face, a gun fighter, and an Engin.).


Meanwhile at the lab-

Everyone is asleep and Corky goes into the lab and spray paints "NO FUTURE" on the wall. He turns to see the Back Pac on the table. He puts it on and turns it on and vanishes.

When Corky appears he finds himself in front of a giant T-Rex.

Time Masters #2: Letter Column

Continued: Time Masters #3

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