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"Rip Hunter must assemble a team to help thwart a conspiracy that threatens the world in this new eight-part mini-series by Bob Wayne, Lewis Shiner, Art Thibert, and Jose Marzan Jr."

Time Masters #1 -Time Won't Let Me

(Febuary 1990)

Writers- Bob Wayne & Lewis Shiner

Penciller- Art Thibert ~~ Inker- Jose Marzan Jr

Letterer- Bob Pinaha ~~ Colorist- Adrienne Roy

Editor- Robert Greenberger ~~ Historical Advisor- Geo W. Proctor


1990, Illuminati Headquarters- The Committee sits in a dark room discussing the problems that have arisen in resent months, including; The Pope, and the Rip Hunter problem. "He is involved in some sort of Time Travel research. We had decided that perhaps he should be discouraged..."


Metropolis Research Center-

A massive bomb detonates in the time lab leaving one of Rip's partners, Hasan, dead. The body is badly burned and torn. Rip reaches over and closes his eyes and stands mournful as Jeff approaches.

"How bad is it?" The slim black man with glasses dressed in a trench coat asks as he lights a cigarette.

Rip explains that the explosion was so bad that they won't even let him into the lab.


The next day-

A gapping hole is where Rip, Jeff, and DocMagnus (the center's director) stand as they look out over Metropolis in the distance. It's Raining. The two learn that Consolidated Mutual doesn't cover bombs, and that the only way of getting money is through court. Magnus then explains that they can't afford to have another accident. The dream crumbles...

Jeff remembers back to when he first meet Rip while he was at M.I.T. to do robotics "but time travel... well Rip can have what's left."

Rip searches through the rubble and finds a clock with a broken glass cover.



Rip's Granddad tells Rip, "You never hope to understand your world until you've understood the past," as he hands Rip a copy of "A Connecticut Yankee In King Author's Court."

The inside of the book's cover reads, "Realistically, we must accept the fact that we cannot change time. We must also accept the fact that time will change us." -Daniel G. Hunter

It all started with the book; it grew to became an obsession. Rip went to M.I.T.'s engineering school, where, at the expense of his social life and friendship (except for Jeff), his determination lead to the creation of the Time Sphere.

Flashback to BOOSTER GOLD# 13-15

"Jack Soo, Booster Gold, Trixie Collins, and I used it to travel to the 25th century, trying to save Booster's life."

There we found desolation, "an America recovering from Nuclear War, her cities full of fear and despair, a ruthless police state. To add to the horror... the time sphere exploded, stranding us there. I learned Time Travel was strictly a one-way street... each of us could use any method only once."

"We escaped using the Borsten Time Platform, a second method of Time Travel, now lost to me. I swore to myself I would find a third method. I have to. That future must not be allowed to happen. Must not ever happen."


Back in Real Time-

Jeff discovers that a piece of the circuits' equipment had its power level pushed up to 140%. And with this revelation Jeff and Rip both know that Hasan sabotaged the lab, knowing he would be killed. They report this to Magnus but he doesn't accept it and Rip storms out.


That Night-

Rip breaks in to Magnus's office and gets Hasan's file. Once his covert operation is complete he heads back to his apartment where he pieces together the facts and learns, Hasan was in Grail Research.

Rip becomes obsessed and pulls a book titled "A History of Secret Societies" by Arkon Daraul. There he learns of the Illuminati.



Jeff comes over and the two discuss the situation as the two read from the Illuminati book...

"It started in Persia in the eleventh century... Hasan Y. Sabah had this mountain fortress where he trained a guild of assassins, also known as the Hashishin. His followers were suicidally loyal and brutally effective. They were rewarded with an earthly paradise... and they believed he had supernatural powers.

When the crusaders came through, they teamed up with the assassins against a common enemy-the Saracens. The crusaders took the secrets of the assassins back to an unsuspecting Europe.

All this occult lore became part of the secret societies... including the most powerful of them all, the Knights Templar, who were obsessed with the Holy Grail.

The Knights Templar evolved into the Rosicrucians. They called themselves 'spiritual alchemists,' but they were into material alchemy too. Their initiations were pretty spooky...

We're talking blindfolds, oaths, swords, guys in hoods, all kinds of weird paraphernalia. The Rosicrucians were linked to the Bavarian Illuminati, under Adam Weishaupt.

The pictures of Weishaupt make him look just like George Washington. It's even been suggested that Adam Weishaupt was George Washington. The Illuminati may have their tentacles all through the U.S. Government.

And not just the U.S.-they might be the secret rulers of the entire planet. Pulling the strings of the leaders of the world, controlling all of our destinies.

Add to all this the fact that Hasan used to work for a company called Grail Research. It and consolidated Mutual are both subsidiaries of something called Templar Industries."


Rip decides to continue his research for the third method with a little inheritance money in a place in Upstate New York. They also propose a team to use the other two methods in a disposable package, which will utilize both methods. Rip will be the leader and the pay will be lousy.

Jeff- "Skip the sales pitch, my fried. I'm in. Somebody has to keep an eye on you. In that regard, I'm extremely qualified. "RIP HUNTER... TIME MASTER!" You know, that's got a nice ring to it."


A Day Passes-

Booster Gold shows up to watch a Time Machine experiment with a watch synchronized to the present and sent into the time stream using the singularity of a black hole. It worked, the watch disappeared, but on it's return IT EXPLODES. Rip tries to cover it up by showing Booster the plans for the Time Backpack. Rip asks Booster for the Justice League to volunteer.. and Booster flies off to see if they will agree.


Vanderbilt University, Nashville Tennessee-

Bonnie Baxter makes her grand entrance into Doctor Carson's office (Cave Carson the world famous Geologist) where she strips into seductive langeri and climbs on to the doctors desk. But before she can go any farther he informs her about the Board of Regence asking her to leave so he can stay. Bonnie is angry, Dr. Carson offers her a job he found-but she throws a fit. Also Corky Makes a Cameo on the University Lawn.


Justice League America Headquarters-

Booster Gold informs the others of the situation. They aren't buying it...


Bonnie Baxter's House-

Bonnie decides to call Rip hunter about Carson's job offer and accepts an interview.


JFK International 6:18 PM-

Bonnie's Plane arrives and Rip is waiting as Bonnie exists. They meet, finish up the airport business, and walk outside to Rip's white convertable (with licensee plate "TIME1" ). The car drives away as Bonnie puts in a CD entitled "ROCKIN' 60's" and skips to the song "TIME WON'T LET ME" by The Outsiders.

Suddenly, Rip notices there is a black car following them, makes the connection that they found him because he paid for Bonnie's ticket with a credit card, and that "THEY" tracked him.

Rip- "UH. I think we're in trouble. How could they know?"

Bonnie- "What do you mean?"

Rip- "Damn! I paid for your ticket with a credit card! I wasn't thinking. They must have used it to track us."

Bonnie- "They?"

Rip- "Later. Right now, Just hold on!"

Bonnie- "Listen, Doctor Hunter. I've changed my mind. I don't need any job this much."

"Quiet! This is no joke!" Rip shouts as the black car rams into the side of Rip and Bonnie.

Time Masters #1: Letter Column

Continued: Time Masters #2

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