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"Swamp Thing's time odyssey finds him in Revolutionary War America and face to face with Tomahawk."

Swamp Thing #86

(May 1989)

Writer- Rick Veitik ~~~ Artist- Tom Yestes

Letterer- John Costauza ~~~ Colorist- Tatjana Wood

Assistant Editor- Art Young ~~~ Editor- Karen Berger

Quick Re-Cap of the events in Swamp Thing-

Swampy has disappeared, he is believed dead. But in reality Swampy is lost in time. First he was on a glacier then he was in the body of a dead soldier with Sgt. Rock. And so the story goes he meet Arcane in several time periods. Swampy's essence is doomed to drift "in an unyielding current... somewhere outside the structure of time itself? Doomed. To always be alone?"

And it is on one of these endless drifting that our green friend unknowingly......


Rip- "Everything's looking good, Jeff!"

Jeff- "I think you did it, Rip! You've put America back in the timestream."

Rip- "Whoa--I'm reading an abrupt change in trajectory, as if our probe collided with something in the time stream."

Jeff- "But that's impossible isn't it, Rip?"

Rip- "Whatever it was, it felt solid to the time sphere. I've got indicators glowing red all across the board. No way it'd survive a serious malfunction out there. I'm going to bring it home."

Jeff- "Tough break, Rip. I know how much this trial run meant to you."

Rip- "This hasn't been a complete failure. At least we got the sphere into the time stream again. But I'm afraid we had the misfortune of colliding with a fellow traveler of that stream... ...one who we'll probably never identify."

Jeff- "Never say never. The old encyclotronic got a track on our mystery friend's trajectory."

Rip- "Where'd we end up sending him?"

Jeff- "Looks like late 18th century North America, right about the time of the war of independence. I hope he's patriotic."

The rest of the issue deals with a maddened Tomahawk. As the story opens on page 4. We greet the new century (1800) with a tribute to the heroes of the Revolution (Tomahawk, Dan Hunter, and Miss Liberty). Well, the real Tom crashes the party and sets history straight, so to speak. And we learn the fate of Dan Hunter.


Tomahawk- "Dan Hunter wasn't no kid— He was a man! Died tied to a tree— skinned like a varmint!"

Our history lesson continues we see some slave ships being run by The Demon himself, Jason Blood. And how does this tale end? Well as they say everything comes full circle. History is written and Swamp Thing is... well, read this great little tale for yourself and see.

The full tale of Swamp Thing's Time Travel Adventure is told in Swamp Thing #80-90.

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