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"Animal Man travels back in Time, thanks to Rip Hunter, seeking his past in an attempt to alter his future."

Animal Man #22 -TIME IN A BOTTLE

(April 1990)

Writer- Grant Morrison ~~~~ Artists- Paris Cullins & Steve Montano
Letterer- John Costanza ~~~~ Colorist- Tatjana Wod
Editor- Karen Berger ~~~~ Associate Editor- Art Young

Animal Man's family has just been murdered and he is on a quest to bring them back (all the while CRISIS II is occurring). A failed attempt to get the Time Commander to help his has brought Animal Man to Rip Hunter.


~(Transcript in full from AM#22 for Comparison with TM#4 only)~

Rip- "...Really, I'm sorry, But these are expensive machines. Very expensive machines. The Time Masters can't afford to just hand over the Justice League. We're trying to fight a horrible well-organized conspiracy..."

AM- "I understand. I'm only asking to borrow one of your machines, Doctor Hunter."

Booster- "Ah... I'll meet you down there, Animal Man. Okay?"

Rip- "Look, you keep saying you need the machine but you still haven't told me what you want to do with it. Time Travel is a very delicate matter... We still don't know what damage an untrained traveler might cause in there."

Bonnie- "Rip, Why don't you give him a chance to explain..."

AM- "Well, what's happened is that the Time Commander and the Lord of Time have formed an alliance against the Justice League. Naturally, the league will meet all your expenses, Doctor Hunter. I just need a machine. To help me track down the villains' HQ."

Rip- "Yeah. Okay. You can have one of the machines."

Bonnie- "Wasn't that one damaged..."

Rip- "Bonnie, it took a knock, that's all. I checked it myself. It's fine. Take care of it and... Animal Man, have we met before?"

AM- "I don't think so. No." (This is an allusion to the Pre-Crisis days of when AM and RH were in the Forgotten Heroes together. But because of CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS in 1985. This was retaconed out of Post-Crisis existence.)

Rip- "Maybe it was a dream."

Booster- "So you got it, huh? What did you tell him?"

AM- "I lied."

Booster- "You what? You lied? What kind of a superhero are you?"

Animal Man goes on to use to Time Machine (with some cool cameos from the Legion of Super-Heroes, Mordru, The Lord of Time, T.O. Morrow, Swamp Thing, Flash I, and Flash II in the Time Stream). A few mysteries from the beginning of the series are answered, we meet the Phantom Stranger, and "THEY'RE COMING!"

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