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The Unofficial History of Pioneer Anime:
Glossary of Terms

by Adam "OMEGA" Arnold

  • OVA / OAV - Original Video Animation / Original Animation Video refers to anything released directly to the stores without first going to the theaters.
  • Bi-Lingual - Containing both English dialogue track and Japanese Dialogue track. Laserdisc and DVD formats only.
  • Laserdisc - The original medium for movie storage. Contain a Anlogue and Stero music track with Closed Caption channel for subtitles.
  • CAV - Quality play Laserdisc containing a little over 30 minutes of video space per side. Freeze Frame availble.
  • CLV - Extended play Laserdisc containing a little over 60 minutes of video space per side. No freeze frame.
  • VHS - Video Home System are the current recording standard of home viewing and storage. Two reels of magnetic tape contain the audio and pictures for a program.
  • DVD - Digital Versitile Disc are the new video standard for home viewing. They can contain various languages and subtitles along with Menus and and uncut movie on one side of a CD sized disc.
  • CD - Compact Disc are the current standard in music storage, but can also hold computer data and other information sorces.

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