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DEX: 6
INT: 7
STR: 4

  • Powers: Awareness: 10, Chameleon: 15, Dispersal: 20, Energy Blast: 15, Flight: 30, Invisibility: 15, Postcognition: 50, Precognition: 50, Self-Link (Time Travel): 50
  • Skills: Gadgetry: 5, Scientist: 6
  • Bonuses: Self-Link (Time Travel) represents Waverider's nature as a being composed of tachyons (see "One With the Timestream" below).
  • Limitations: Power Restrictions: Awareness only detects disturbances in the timestream; Waverider cannot take other people or objects with him when he Time Travels; Postcognition and Precognition may only be used to view the past and future "histories" of other people, and Waverider must touch his target to use one of these Powers.
  • Advantages: Connections: The Linear Men (High), Justice League America (Low), Superman (Low); Iron Nerves; Lightning Reflexes; Scholar (quantum physics, super-heroes)
  • Drawbacks: Exile (voluntary, from his own time); Guilt; Married
  • Alter Ego: Matthew Ryder
  • Motivation: Responsibility of Power
  • Occupation: Guardian of the Timestream
  • Equipment: 'Linear Men' Bracelet [BODY: 5, Suspension: 20, Time Travel: 60, R#: 21 Miscellaneous: the bracelet allows instantaneous communication with any other bracelet wearer, even across time and space. Bonuses: Suspension can be used to put people and objects in stasis or stop time altogether. Limitations: Time Travel only allows travel to and from locations of existing time disturbances or the Vanishing Point (see "The Linear Men" below).

    Powers and Abilities

    Monarch's experiment turned Matthew Ryderinto Waverider, a being of pure energy, constructed of faster-than-light particles called tachyons. This transformation also merged Ryder with the timestream, granting him a number of time-related Powers as well.
    As an energy being, Waverider can becomeintangible, and can easily pass through solid objects (Dispersal). He can alter his electromagnetic emissions to appear as another person (Chameleon) or become totally Invisible. Waverider can also generate Energy Blasts powerful enough to demolish a steel wall, and can propel himself across interstellar distances at twice the speed of light (Flight).
    Waverider can ride the timestream, granting him access to the past and future (Time Travel). The limits of this Power are not known, but he has traveled back to the days of the dinosaurs (50 APs), forward to his own time of 2030 (28 APs), and "sideways" to the Vanishing Point, home of the Linear Men (see "The Linear Men" below).
    His connection to the timestream gives Waverider the ability to look into a person's past history or most probable future merely by touching him (Postcognition, Precognition). This connection also makes him very sensitive to disturbances in the space-time continuum (Awareness).
    Matthew Ryder is an accomplished Scientist, specializing in the field of quantum physics (Scholar).

    One with the Timestream

    Waverider's Self-Link (Time Travel) Power represents his nature as a being at one with the timestream. In addition to allowing Time Travel (as the Power), this Power makes Ryder an energy being, with no need to eat, sleep, or breathe. He can survive indefinitely in any style environment including space, and is totally immune to gas and poison attacks. He can also add his APs of Time Travel to his RV against any time-based attack.

    The Linear Men

    After his first encounter with the self-styled time monitors known as the Linear Men, Waverider was able to steal a time control bracelet from one of them. This bracelet gives the wearer limited control over time, including the ability to put others in stasis.
    To accomplish this, Waverider uses the bracelet's Suspension Power as an Attack, with AV/EVs equal to the APs of Suspension, and OV/RVs equal to the target's INT/MmD. Positive RAPs indicate success, although the degree of success varies. If the RAPs equal or exceed the target's MIND, then Waverider can put the target in stasis for as long as he likes, breaking the stasis at any time. RAPs less than the target's MIND indicate the number of phases the target is held in stasis before he breaks free.
    The bracelet can also be used to stop time, effectively putting the entire world on "hold" while some important task is completed. It is not known how long this effect can be maintained, but presumably it puts great strain on the energy reserves of the Vanishing Point. Waverider himself is immune to this effect, as are the other Linear Men.
    The combination of the bracelet's Powers and Waverider's produces some unusual effects. While he is wearing the bracelet, Waverider can carry other objects and persons with him through the timestream Oust as the standard Time Travel Power). He can also absorb energy used for time effects (such as stasis beams) and use it to augment his own Powers.
    In game terms, Waverider gains APs of Omni-Power equal to the RAPs scored against him by any time-related Attack. These APs may only be used once, and must have an effect somehow related to time manipulation. For instance, Waverider can use this energy to pull a person out of the past, by mimicking the Dimension Travel (Summoning) Power, and replacing Travel Value with the APs of time the target is distant from him.
    After several more encounters with the Linear Men, Waverider decided that their mission was so close to his own that he should join them. (More information regarding the Linear Men and Vanishing Point will appear in Who's Who #4.)


    Matthew Ryder is a strong and independent person, determined to help others regardless of personal sacrifice. His life in Monarch's dark future taught him that freedom is something you have to fight for, and this lesson drives him onward.
    Although he managed to prevent the future of his adult life, Waverider still suffers from tremendous feelings of guilt. His attempt to stop Monarch resulted in untold chronal damage, including the loss of thousands of potential lives that will never be.
    Waverider still does not know the full extent of his powers, but does not let this lack of knowledge stop his crusade against injustice. He tends to come off as hasty and reckless as a result of his inexperience. Presumably, Waverider will become more cautious as he spends time with the Linear Men, gaining insight into the timestream's "big picture."

    Using Waverider in Adventures

    Although Waverider is clearly too powerful to be used as a Player Character, he can be a gateway to adventures through time. He might encounter the PCs in connection with a disturbance in time that he needs help to correct. Such an adventure can be a cosmic-scale conflict involving many heroes, or a one-on-one covert effort
    Another interesting possibility is to use Waverider to show Player Heroes their possible futures. This might even develop into a game or mini-campaign reflecting an alternate future timeline, where the Players play old versions of their Characters or their children.


    Waverider is involved in an ongoing Enemies Subplot with Monarch, the ruthless dictator of his alternate future. Waverider is currently unaware of Monarch's whereabouts in time.

  • All text from Who's Who In The DC Universe Role-Playing Supplement 3.
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