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The Linear Men: Summaries & Annotations Part VI

Teen Titans #23 (August 1998)
The Atom is aging and de-aging as residue chronal energy plays havoc with his body and even Waverider is unable to aide him. While Superman and Captain Marvel Jr. try to find the missing Titans, they find the former Changeling instead. And what about the missing Titans? Well, they're headed into outer space to meet their destiny at the hands of H'San Natall.

Teen Titans #24 (September 1998)
Superman and Changeling head into space to find the missing Titans as the atom experiences chronal chaos that's aging and de-aging him, and not even Waverider may be able to help him.

Adventures of Superman #561 (September 1998)This summary compliments of the SUPERMAN HOMEPAGE!
Karl Kesel & Jerry Ordway, Tom Grummett, Denis Rodier
Superman is approached by Dominus in the diguise of Waverider, and is tricked into going on a search for the wounded Kismet.

Action comics #748 (September 1998)This summary compliments of the SUPERMAN HOMEPAGE!
Stuart Immonen, Stuart Immonen, Jose Marzan Jr
Dominus continues to trick Superman into searching for Kismet by masquarading as people he trusts.
* At blinding speeds Superman speaks to Hunter, Liri Lee, Matthew Ryder, and Waverider until all of Superman's reality splits and speeds by the second. And suddenly the real Linear Men appear to see the full extent of Dominus's control over Superman.

Man of Steel #83 (September 1998)This summary compliments of the SUPERMAN HOMEPAGE!
Louise Simonson, Scot Eaton, Dennis Janke
The Linear Men stop by to give Superman a hand, and to try and defeat Dominus. Lois interviews Mr Odetts, where Kismet continues to recover in his old house standing in Hypersector.
* 83.21.3 - Suddenly reality bursts with light and a multitude of Linear Men appear and rush Dominus.
Waverider yells out, "Other's can play the time game, Dominus... and shift reality."
Dominus replies, "An infinity of Linear Men... each drawn from a separate moment of reality. Clever. Realy. I almost wish I would tell you it would do the slightest bit of good."

Superman #139 (October 1998)This summary compliments of the SUPERMAN HOMEPAGE!
Dan Jurgens, Jim Starlin, Joe Rubinstein
Waverider steps in and alters time to help Superman save Kismet from the grasps of Dominus.

DC One Million #2 (November 1998)
"The Day After Tomorrow"
Morrison, Semeirs, Rollins
2.14.1 - Vanishing Point. ‘Humanity's ultimate frontier. Poised in eternal now, in the atto- second before the last exhausted electron loses its charge to meaningless. Unending entropy. The house as the end of time: Headquarters of Linear Time.'
2.14.2 - ‘Waverider. Liri Lee. Hunter Matthew Ryder. The Linear Men!'
Waverider is standing in front of the many time monitors as two versions of Liri Lee appear. He yells out, "Ryder! What's happening! Your signal's cubing itself in a mathematical progression towards infinity! We're losing you! Ryder, where are you?"
2.14.3 - Liri Lee enters the room to announce, "I'll see what's happening in the 20th C."
One of the materializing Liri Lee says, "We can't send Ryder through the barrier again!"
And yet another materializing Liri Lee says, "Not until we know what's out there." Waverider continues to stare at the screens as he says, "Liri Lee. Hi. You died. I'm sorry."
2.15.1 - Waverider turned to see a room filled with phantom versions of his comrades. Appearing are 3 phantom versions of Waverider, 5 phantom versions of Matthew Ryder, 2 phantom versions of Hunter, and 5 phantom versions of Liri Lee.
Phantom Liri Lee 1 - "Had to happen. You died too."
Phantom Liri Lee 2 - "At this point on my timeline I'm still alive and checking in at Vanishing Point; there's only one end of time after all."
Phantom Liri Lee 3 - "Waverider, about this Superman problem."
Waverider - "I need hard data. Superman is alive in the 853rd Century. So why do our records tell us someone killed Superman in the 21st?"
Phantom Waverider 1 - "Ryder was trying to examine the anomaly but..."
Phantom Liri Lee 4 - "Waverider! I have the data from the 20th Century. This is bigger than we thought. This is bigger than everything."
2.15.2 - Suddenly the room is bathed in a green light and Matthew Ryder is flung into the room towards Waverider who screams, "Ryder! What happened?"
2.15.3 - Rider appears on the floor in 3 parallel versions of himself as Waverider rushes over to him with a solid version of Liri Lee says, "I'm going back to investigate. We can't send Ryder through the barrier again!"
Waverider asks, "What did you see?"
Matthew Ryder tries to reclaim himself as he stutters out, "Unnh. ...beyond the barrier... ...immense..."
2.15.4 - Matthew Ryder collapses uttering, "The ...Kingdom..."
Waverider raises Matthew Ryder's head as Liri Lee begins to vanish saying, "Set the controls for the 20th Century. Accelerate."

Chronos #1,000,000 (November 1998)
1,000,000.9.4 - Walker stands at the bar having a drink when time shifts turning his drinking partner into Alex who is dressed as a Linear Authority member. Walker says, "Maybe so, Blint, but sooner or latter, the damage we do will be irreparable."
Alex answers, "That's why I joined the Linear Authority, Walker. We have a responsibility to protect the integrity of history."
Walker replies, "Oh, Alex, what would Goodfellow say if he saw you in that uniform."

JLA In Crisis: Secret Files & Origins #1 (November 1998)
Miscellaneous character entries and mentions.

Superman: The Doomsday Wars #2 (1998)
Dan Jurgans, Norm Rapmand
2.27.1 - Brainiac/Doomsday is giving Superman's mind a flashback so that Superman may have the answers he desirers. "You desire answers, Kryptonian. Let us begin with Doomsday's demise. He'd nearly beaten you until Waverider took you both to the End of Time itself-- -- Where entropy eats away existence!" (Image of Waverider surfing the End of Time with Superman being blown back by Doomsday's blows.)
2.28.1 - Flashback to Zero Hour. Waverider present.
2.29.1 - Superman, the Ray, Caption Atom, and Donna Troy are focusing their energy through Waverider so it can pass through into Damage. "You and some of your glorious comrades focused your particular energies through the all-knowing Waverider-- --Who altered that energy with a chronol matrix based on his knowledge of time-- --And directed it all toward the simple child known as Damage."
2.29.2 - "We gave the mega-blast needed to re-start everything--"
2.29.3 - "--In a flash of spectacular white light."
2.29.4 - "And amazing feat, the reconstruction of time and existence."
2.29.5 - "I'd not thought you humans' capable of conceiving, much less executing, such a grand scheme."
2.29.6 - Side profile of Liri Lee at Vanishing Point. "Even the Linear Men, watching from Vanishing Point, would seem unequaled to the task."
2.30.1 - Waverider surfs the newly re-created End of Time in the new time-line as Doomsday hits Superman.

Chronos #10 (January 1999)
10.22.1 - "In 1998, I prevented Konstantin Vyronis from stealing a Tachyon Generator from S.T.A.R. Labs and killing Linear Man Desmond Gage in the process. Vyronis had no idea who I am."

Chronos #11 (February 1999)
Alexandra "Alex" Damaskinos appears as a member of the Linear Authority throughout the final issue.

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