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The Linear Men: Summaries & Annotations Part I

Armageddon 2001 #1 (1991)
2030 is a utopia but the price is they are ruled by the tyrant, Monarch. Legend has it he was once a hero, but somethign happened and he/she became evil and slaughtered Earth's greatest heroes and became ruler of Earth. Most people accept their fate, except Matthew Ryder who volunteers for a time-travel experiment that will hurl him back to the year 1991 so he can find out who Monarch is and change history. (1st Waverider, 1st Monarch)

Superman Annual #3 (1991)
Waverider's first contact with Superman reveals a future where Metropolis is destroyed on Lois & Clark's wedding day, killing everyone. Clark ends up marrying Lana Lang and becomes obsessed with keeping the world safe from nuclear weapons. This puts him in conflict with the Justice League America, where a fight with Superman ends Martian Manhunter's life. Now it is Batman VS Superman with the Kryptonite Ring as the match decider.

Batman Annual #15 (1991)
The Last Batman Story starts with the Riddlers death at the hands of Batman and then lead to the death of the Pengium. Both are accidents, but Batman's time has run out and he is placed in jail.

Justice League America Annual #5 (1991)
Disguised as Captain Atom, Waverider visits JLA headquarters where he finds Guy Gardner is everyone's hero and Ice is an old maid.

Action Comics Annual #3 (1991)
Waverider investigates a 2nd possible future for the Man of Steel--one in which Superman runs for President of the United States!

Flash Annual #4 (1991)
In 2001, Waverider finds that Wally West has retired from his life as Flash... until he's forced to once again don the scarlet costume to save the life of his super-fast son!

Hawkworld Annual #2 (1991)
Waverider heads to Chicago, where he finds the Hawks of the future, ready to come out of retirement to face one of their most dangerous foes in final combat.

The New Titans Annual #7 (1991)
2001: A Titans Odyssey presents a future where Nightwing has become like his mentor, Batman, and brings the Titans against a foe where the end justifies the means. (Note: The Donna Troy cliffhanger is continued in The New Titans #80.)

Detective Comics Annual #4 (1991)
Waverider makes a second trip into Batman's future and sees a time when Ra's Al Ghul has destroyed the Batman's home in a last ditch effort to win. Now, Talia takes on her father's legacy to destroy her beloved. But, to what lengths will Batman go to stop her?

Adventures of Superman Annual #3 (1991)
Beyond the Reach of Time is where Superman wants to go when his wife, Lois Lane, dies while carring their super-child. A grief stricken Superman exiles himself to space where he finds himself in love with Maxima.

L.E.G.I.O.N.'91 Annual #2 (1991)
Waverider meets his match when he tries to see into Virl Dox's future as the energy being is captured by Virl Dox. Dox forces Waverider to view into his future which showcases a universe under the iron fist of L.E.G.I.O.N. with Waverider still held captive by Virl Dox so that he can learn the secrets of tiem and space.

Hawk And Dove Annual #2 (1991)
Waverider confronts Hawk and Dove and experiences three possible futures with either Hawk, Dove, or their future child, Unity, fighting against Monarch for a better future.

Justice League Europe Annual #2 (1991) Waverider's search has lead him to the Justice League Europe. Where hescans the member's futures and finds nothing but DC Universe Hero filled adventures until he come to Captain Atom...

Armageddon 2001 #2 (1991)
Captain Atom turns into yet another dead end. But, the energies released bring Monarch into the present and revile Waverider was just a pawn. Monarch kills Dove, thus driving Hawk to kill Monarch and then learn the shocking truth... (Note: Captain Atom was supposed to become Monarch, but due to a press leak the story was rewritten.)

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