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Yesterday's News

Welcome to "Yesterday's News". With the cancellation of Chronos, a page devoted to current news and updates seemed unnecessary, and so this page was born. This will be your source for Chronos-related information, whether in comics or on the web. If I hear Chronos mentioned, you'll see it mentioned here. If you hear him mentioned, don't hesitate to contact me, whether by e-mail or on the message board, as I'd love to hear what you know. - Loren Collins

The Great Unknown
Chronos #1,000,000 vs B&W Preview - Did Adam Arnold see an alternate Chronos #1,000,000?
News Articles from the Comic Wire
Time Not Up For 'Chronos' - CBR July 20, 1998 [local copy]
'Chronos' Out of Time - CBR September 10, 1998 [local copy]
'Chronos' Artist Discusses Cancellation - CBR September 17, 1998 [local copy]
'Chronos' of the Future - CBR September 24, 1998 [local copy]
Chronos #10 Page 3 - 98k JPEG - CBR September 24, 1998 [local copy]
Chronos #10 Page 14 - 95k JPEG - CBR September 24, 1998 [local copy]
Other Chronos Articles
Comics You Should Be Reading: Chronos - Mania: Matthew Brady's review.
Richmond Comix - Exclusive interviews with John Francis Moore, Paul Guinan, and Steve Leialoha.
Wizard's Review - Scan of the Review which appeared in Wizard.
Chronos Production Images
Promotional Sketch - An unused advertising image by Paul Guinan.
In Progress - Loren's colorization of the above sketch.
About the Site Merger
Chronos Proposal - Adam Arnold's proposal for Chronos site merger.
RE: Chronos Proposal - Loren Collins's reply.

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