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Chronological (Dis)Order

Take I
When Walker Existed
Take II
Man Out of Time
  • ~150,000,000 B.C. - Arizona - Walker Gabriel (age 30) leaves Hayden Glass in the Jurassic Period. (Chronos #1)
  • ~1100 A.D. - Kaipeng, China - Walker sees Alex's grandmother, Cassandra, purchase a silver dragon necklace. (#5)
  • 1461 - Florence, Italy - Konstantin Vyronis returns from 1998 with the tachyon generator and begins to construct his time-smasher. (#2)
  • 1464 - Florence, Italy - Walker and Alex arrive from Smallville/1873; Jason Blood meets Walker for the second time; Vyronis activates his time-smasher; After being removed from time, briefed, and returned, Walker breaks the time-smasher before it is activated. (#3-#4)
  • 1685 - Loire Valley, France - Alex finds that the Goodfellow Troupe has been eliminated, although no bodies are to be found. A local boy tells her that the man who did it was a devil with flaming hands. (#8)
  • 1865 - Chateau D'Arbanville, France - Walker meets Lucas Goodfellow and learns the origin of the Time Gypsies; Walker is alerted of his time sensitivity. (#5)
  • 1873 - Smallville, Kansas - Walker is discovered after his first time trip by Sheriff Kent, and spends three weeks living with and working for the Clark family; Walker watches the Lucas Goodfellow Travelling Theatrical Troupe and learns that they are time travellers also; Linear Man Traven attempts to capture Walker for the murder of a Linear Man in 1998. (#2-#3)
  • 1960 - Hamburg, Germany - Walker (30) watches the pre-Fab Four Beatles in the Indra Club. (#1)
  • 1978 - Coast City, California - Abel Tarrant, the Tattooed Man, tries to prevent his younger self from getting his first tattoo and getting introduced to crime. (#6)
  • 1985 - Berkeley, California - Walker visits his childhood home, and makes some discoveries about his adoptive parents.(#5) Later, Walker attempts to save his Mom from being killed in a car accident. He then lapses into a coma, and awakes in 1998. In a second attempt, while fighting Anachronos, Walker learns that he actually caused his mother's death. (#9)
  • 1998 - Walker Gabriel discovers his time-travelling powers and becomes Chronos. If you want to know more about what happened in this year, just read the book. It's much easier that way.
  • 1998-A - Oakland, California - By saving his mother, Walker created an alternate timeline in which the U.S. and U.S.S.R. went to war. Walker meets his alternate self, a time-travel researcher with the N.S.D., and uses the equipment to jump-start his powers. However, it also sends the alternate Walker to the end of time. (#9)
  • 2113 - Star City - Walker arrives as a result of a temporal disturbance, and observes the "Justice League Killer" in action. The killer, shapeshifter Hayden Glass, knowing Walker has seen his true identity, attempts to kill Walker, who escapes. Walker meets Fiorella for the second time, but the time between their meetings has been longer for her. The two are captured by Glass, but Walker defeats him and turns him in to the authorities. Trapped in the 22nd century, Fiorella tells Walker about Chronopolis. (#7)
  • 2113 - Washington, D.C. - Walker and Fiorella go to Wintersgate Manor to see if Baron Winters knows of a way to get to Chronopolis. The Baron tells them of the Trans-Avant Garde and sends them with one of his associates to find it. (#8)
  • ~2200 - Walker and Vyronis fight in a wasteland inhabited by lion-men on ATV's. (#4)
  • 2452 - Metropolis - Genji shows Walker and Fiorella to the Trans-Avant Garde, the Ghost Train of Time. Once operational, Walker and Fiorella take the train to Chronopolis. (#8)
  • 48,000 B.C. - Chronos aids fellow time traveler Rip Hunter in finding his way back to his home era. (DCU Heroes Secret Files and Origins #1)
  • 1351 B.C. - Knossos, Crete - Walker steals an Amazon artifact for Vandal Savage, but is unable to escape. Saved by a mysterious benefactor, he is shown various events throughout time, before being left to reconsider his actions. (Legends of the DCU 80-Page Giant #1)
  • 552 A.D. - Constantinople - Walker takes the Tempesthold from the Byzantine Empire. (#10)
  • 1641 - Captain Fear rescues the drowning Chronos from the waters off the Florida Keys. (DCUSF #1)
  • 1789 - Chronos is present for a "resurrection" of Ra's al Ghul in the African desert. (DCUHSF #1)
  • 1872 - Smallville, Kansas - Walker looks on as the Clark family watches the theatrical troupe's performance in Swan's Grove. The troupe, however, is no longer the Time Gypsies. (#10)
  • 1943 - Dinosaur Island - Chronos gets caught between Allied and Axis forces on an island filled with dinosaurs. (DCUHSF #1)
  • 1947 - Gotham City - Walker retrieves his father from Arkham Asylum. (#11)
  • 1952 - Gotham City - Walker competes with Thomas Wayne for a young socialite named Martha. (DCUHSF #1)
  • 1969 - London, England - Walker and John Fox watch as the Beatles finish their final public performance. (#1,000,000)
  • 1998 - Ivy City - Walker stops Konstantin Vyronis before he can steal the tachyon generator and kill a Linear Man. (#10). Also, the 853'rd century Vandal Savage dies as a result of Walker's meddling. (DC One Million #4)
  • 2034 - Walker is hired by Vandal Savage to steal the Eye of the Gray Women. (Legends of the DCU 80-Page Giant #1)
  • 2113 - Star City - Walker warns the police of Hayden Glass beofre he begins his Justice League murders. He also tells Baron Winters of the now living Genji's one untimely demise. (#10)

  • 11,021 - Hong Kong - While the Chronovore wrecks havoc with time, Walker hides from John Fox. John Fox finds him, though, and demands the return of his time gauntlets. Scourge appears and demands Fox's time gauntlets, which (thanks to Walker's mechinations) trap him in a time loop. Walker leaves Fox stranded in this era, but tells Hourman where and when to find him. (#1,000,000)
  • 85,269 - Earth - Walker Gabriel steals John Fox's time gauntlets. (#1,000,000)
  • 853'rd Century - Chronos meets himself. (DCUHSF #1)

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