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Linear Authority Dossiers:
The Natives

The Beatles - The Fab Four themselves. Walker Gabriel apparently has made friends with the band members sometime in his first several years of time travelling. They are also notable as they are the only real historical characters to appear thus far in the series. (appeared in issue #1 and #1,000,000)

Nathaniel Kent - The sheriff of Smallville, Kansas circa 1873. He is the ancestor of Jonathan Kent, the adoptive father of Clark Kent/Superman. He found Walker when he landed in 1873, and set him up to live with the Clark family. (#1-#2)

Clark Family - Includes father Matthew and son Ethan. They took Walker on as a farmhand while he was stuck in 1873. They are the ancestors of Martha Kent, adoptive mother of Clark Kent. (#2)

Lang Family - Father Reverand Thomas Lang, mother Fiona, and son Sam. They are the ancestors of Lana Lang, childhood sweetheart of Clark Kent. (#2)

Jason Blood - Human host for the Demon Etrigan. He has apparently met Walker prior to their encounter in Florence. He also had some sort of relationship with Konstantin Vyronis. (#3)

Kamandi Lion-Men - Jack Kirby creations that existed in a post-apocalyptic future. In this post-Crisis appearance, they are most likely biological creations of Cadmus. (#4)

Jean Loring - Ex-wife of Ray Palmer, the Silver-Age Atom. She was chosen by David Clinton to be the executor of his estate.

Susan Kowalski - First wife of David Clinton. They were married prior to his criminal career. (#6)

Amber Fontaine - Second wife of David Clinton. (#6)

Abel Tarrant, The Tattooed Man - Former Green Lantern villain. He has the ability to bring his tattoos to life. However, he regrets his criminal career and all it has brought him. (#6)

The Shade - Golden-Age Flash villain and current Starman supporting character. He is an immortal with the power to control shadows. (#6)

The Fiddler - Golden-Age Flash villain who used violin-related weapons in his crimes. He has long given up his criminal career, as he is quite elderly. (#6)

Baron Winters - Enigmatic mystic and sponsor of Night Force. He resides in Wintersgate Mansion in Washington D.C. (#8)

John Fox - Flash of the 27'th and 853'rd centuries. His time gauntlets are stolen by Walker in 85,369. (#1,000,000)

Ambush Bug - Too bizarre to be summed up here. He says to just read his mini-series and specials. Thanks to a chronal disruption, he runs the Chroma-Zone bar in Hong Kong in 11,021. (#1,000,000)

Brainiac 5 - Genius member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Apparently very long-lived, since he is at the bar with Walker in 11,021 with his monkey Koko. (#1,000,000)

Destiny - One of the Endless. He is bound to the Book of Destiny, which chronicles all events throughout history. (#9)

Amanda Waller - More precisely, an alternate reality Walker (who would become Anachronos) worked with an alternate version of "The Wall". She still, however, heads the government sponsered Suicide Squad. (#9)

Azrael - Not the Batman supporting character, but rather a 6th century knight of the Order of St. Dumas. (#10)

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