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Linear Authority Dossiers:
Time Travelers

Walker Gabriel - The current Chronos, although he does not yet go by that name.

David Clinton - The original Chronos, a Silver-Age Atom villain.

Alexandra Damaskinos - A member of the Lucas Goodfellow Travelling Theatrical Troupe.

Countess Fiorella Della Ravenna - While she is a recurring character and future love interest for Walker, very little has been revealed about the Countess. She appears to have spent a great deal of time in Renaissance Italy, and since has time travelled a great deal. She also, according to former beau Baron Winters, has a tendency to use and destroy men. Whether these are her intentions for Walker have yet to be seen. She will eventually take up residence in Chronopolis, as seen in issue #1.

Linear Men/Linear Authority - A team of time travelers who are able to survive outside of time at Vanishing Point, the Linear Men's main goal is to keep history on track, no matter what the cost. To this effect, the end justifies the means. The current core team consists of Matthew Ryder, Liri Lee, Rip Hunter, and Waverider. However, in Chronos the Linear Men seemed to of evolved into continuity policing organization known as the Linear Authority. This bigger organization had the core Linear Men group acting as the committee which decided when action needed to be taken. This idea has since been written out of continuity.

Time Gypsies/The Lucas Goodfellow Travelling Theatrical Troupe - An association of time-travellers brought together by an as yet unknown benefactor for the purpose of maintaining the integrity of the timestream. They move through time by the use of small handheld keystones, which, when activated, open portholes to specific places in time and space. they choose to move through time as entertainers, so their eccentricities are less evident. Members include: Lucas Goodfellow, Alexandra Damaskinos, Esteban Luis Navarro, Cormac, Sofie (inferred), and the now deceased Cassandra (inferred).

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